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It's been so long!!

Wow I don't think I've been on her for nearly a year! Kinda miss it might start posting again!

Tomorrow is my birthday!!!

so tomorrow its my 19th birthday =D yes im born on the 13th!!
For my birthday i am going to get my first tattoo YAAY, im going to get the words RARECANDY on my right wrist (its a pokemon thing) but i have to hide it from my mum. she hate tattoos and piercing but im an adult so i dont care if she doesn't like the things i like. My dad knows tho and my best friends is going to come with me tomorrow and if you cant tell i'm OVERLY excited =D =D ill post a picture when its done x

I want it to go Down on record!!!

Yeah I would like it to go down on record that I do not believe(or choose not to believe) that this is the end of my chemical romance!! You don't have to agree with me but I honestly have a feeling about this! They will be back maybe with less people, maybe with a different name but THEY WILL BE BACK!!


Does anyone have Instagram? I would love some followers or too follower some members of the mcrmy =)


Has anyone got Instagram ? I just got it, follow me if you like my name is rarecandy13. Any who how has everyone's Sunday been I just when and picked my brother from Sheffield he has been at uni . Here a picture, pretty sunny out today!

Bad to great

So I Got no sleep last night, I went to bed early because I was planning for today to be busy But God knows why I couldn't fall asleep and I knew It was bad when I heard my dad get up to go to work at 6:30 and I still Had not fallen asleep yet. So I finally dropped off and then my dog Frodo Decided to come upstairs and wake me up at 8:30, Normally he can't get upstairs But recently He has started to learn how to open the gate at the bottom of our stairs, Don't know how he does it but i think he uses his nose To nudge open the gate ,it's so annoying.

Today was good!

So today was kinda good I decorated my Christmas tree and sorted out my secret Santa gift. Also the other day I created a YouTube account for my dog Frodo so I'm going to upload lots of videos of him Cus his is soo cute =) oh and I created a Facebook page for my store ! And I already have 9 likes. My goal is 30 so if anyone wants to help me out my page is called rarecandy creations =)

People !

Guys you seriously need to check out this band they are AWESOME !!!!!

how cheeky =)

picture of my dog Frodo =)

omg !

The weather is crazy right now!
so much thunder and lightening,
my puppy is barking his head off at the window =P