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EleniDaChemLovurrr's blog

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My Super Amazing Day

So just wanted to spread some love from nmy day c;. CUZ EVERYONE NEEDS LOVE <3 Anyways my day was filled with the usual shit c: And then of course some humping of the friends. What else? Hmm.. Talked to my boyfriend Pretty Cool If You Ask Me and i listened to MCR PERFECT day I know c: <333

Bored at school :P

BLOG TIME at school.. Cuz I'm bored c: nd was thinking 'bout MCR <3 Like ALWAYS. And Like I was Just just watching Helena and I thought "Damn, Gerard Looks Hot In This Video" loll c: Guess that's what I get for not watching MCR videos for a while ;-; YOUNGANDLOADED BBZ c: <3

MCRLuvvv c:

Just Super Uber Lovin' MCR right naow c: Felt like posting about it ^-^ YOUNGANDlOADED HELL YES <3