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Chris Priestley & stay

He is a writer and he's written all of my favourite books, the Tales of Terror trio are highly recommended by me, and I'm going to read them all again though I read them before about a year ago when I asked for all of them for Xmas
And they're super good and fun to read

No offence MCR

But the Blog is major ballsacks~
everyone just posts stuff and then no-one ever says anything back, even when they need help desperately, it's not really a community.
But that's cool I know you can't make people talk, I made a depression chat site and no-one says anything or even uses it though there's a blog & forum
Anyone reading this should start commenting on shit because then people might start talking and then it will get interesting:-)

Weird dreams

So last night I had a dream where Revenge era Frank came to my house and then I finally got to ask him whether he preferred being called 'Frankie' Or 'Frank', and in my dream he said Frank so I'm just going to trust in my fucked up dream and say Frank from now on.
I also got to show him a picture of myself, even though I was right there with him? And I got to meet his kids... Revenge era Frank kids...
This was a 5:50am-ish, to 11am dream because my sleep patterns are strange and hardly existent BUT it was pretty cool anyway

Help meeeeeeeeeeee

I just made an account here and I'm totally confused about adding people as friends, posting things, if you're supposed to know some stuff that I don't or something like that? Could I have a little help with the basics? My apologies