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This is OUR trophy!

go here

I don't know if we've won yet though...

This is a cat's reaction to the March Madness tie...

Say Whaaaa??? Oh HELL NO!

My goal for the day?

To not hate my enemies, but instead, to concentrate on the qualities which I find good in them. This, in turn, frees me from the weight of hypocrisy that comes with ill will towards my fellow man.

Winter Makes Me Itchy!!!

I would like to inform all my teachers that I am NOT on crack, the dry winter air is literally sucking the remaining moisture from my body and so I must constantly scratch myself to keep from going insane. One of the many other reasons I HATE WINTER.
BTW Good luck on winning z posterz!!! I only posted once out of respect to the MCR gods and to myself. I kinda hope someone goes through and reads every one, but that's just selfish and unlikely.

The ORIGINAL My Chemical Romance Cereal box (Part 2)!!!!

This is just more pictures. There are more on the 1st blog. It's an actual cereal box I made in highschool in my graphic design class.

This is something I made back in my senior year of high school and it's one of my most prized works of art. This, for me is the highlight of my high school education. I hope you like! I will put up more pics later, right now the computer isn't letting me:(
PS click on the X button to make the pic quality/resolution better:)

MY *OTHER* Random Blog
Here goes, the cutest women in the UNIVERSE! Sorry if you've already seen it, or if you're a BAMF and you're not in the mood for a cute overlaod...Oh and I love the TV show skins!!! D best teen drama out there!!! Also Buffy, Dead Like Me, Scrubs, and Inuyasha(yup an anime geek)
SISTER TO SLEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Photobucket Professional Dork
Who else can't read and has to type in the verification code in at least 10 times?
Hi all welcome to my shitty random useless first blog ever!!! I was just getting really frustrated with typing in codes and sheepishly lauphing at how bad my judgement is in telling lower case letters from upper . I guess the administrator didn't consider all the *special* people who can't type when designing the website. It is really frustrating sometimes but in actuality, I'm glad they have it to regulate the amount of spam.