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So Long and Goodnight

I cried, I'll never forget you MCR, thanks for the ride.

"And as always, innocent like roller coasters.
Fatality is like ghosts in snow and you have no idea what you're up against
because I've seen what they look like.
Becoming perfect as if they were sterling silver chainsaws going cascading..."

MCR said they'd be back to St. Louis in the Spring.

Either they LIED or meant Spring of 2012, which I highly doubt. Oh well.

Thank You MCR for Coming to St. Louis

I thought my ribs were going to break from all the crowd surges and it was still one of the best days of my life. I can't wait for you to come here in the spring, I could hardly see you because I am so short but hopefully I'll get a better spot next time. I can't thank you enouph!

Great MCR MTV Article

My Chemical Romance's Danger Days: The Perfect Rock Album?
Sure, it doesn't even have a release date yet, but Bigger Than the Sound is already enamored with MCR's latest.
By James Montgomery (@positivnegativ)

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It is probably too early to say this, but based on little more than a really awesome trailer and a really long title, I'm going to declare that My Chemical Romance's Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys is the perfect rock-and-roll album.

Am I being

To all the introverts out there <3

If your teacher is giving you shit about not speaking up in class. Show them this article/blog thingy...
I'm in college and I'm going to email this to some of my teachers from last term who actually took me aside from class to have a little "conversation" about my anti-social tendencies, like there's actually something WRONG with me. Fuck that. Anyways if you're having stuggles being introverted, I love you, and I wish more people understood that it has NOTHING to do with shyness.

Love this!!!!

This is one of my favorite songs. Lyrics:
He said he likes it,
Hear the heels click clack,
He likes it he likes it,
He's so right,
Left out of it, left in tune,
And I strum strum strum,
Your song breaks in two,
Sunday like every day,
I'm waiting for the mailman,
And I hum hum hum,
It's a song that breaks in, breaks in two,
When you see through, all this couldn't you,
Close your eyes closed,
On the rise come to my surprise,
See you all looking like that,
Come on over here, sit on my lap,
He feels guilty, a little guilty by he likes it, he likes it,
postcard like guitar,
I rise like, a red

You know what's REALLY DEPRESSING?

Back to school ads. They give me hives...


Every glance is a masterpiece
Which captures me
Tethering me to the shore
Begrudgingly enraptured and free
Don't know, don't care when the tide comes in
Doesn't matter. Already all drowning in sin.
Retarded and cliche is hate for loving you
one and only wish is to deny that I can't move
contemptuous giggle and sputter as waves tickle and wonder
From this strange, yet beautiful nightmare
Will I ever recover ?


Happy Birthday Gee!!!!