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Don't go baby

What's up killjoys! I got some bad news from my boyfriend cause he is moving to another school for the next year, so I could not see him. on friday is his last day on my school and that will be the saddest thing on earth, then on Sunday he is going to a trip to Ixtapa with all his school generation, and returns on Wednesday, then he goes to San diego for 2 weeks andthen to a cruise in Europe for 1 week, this will be the worsth summer of my life. can someone be with me on the summer???

the funniest thing ever!

ok, today I was making my homework, or pretending to make it with my dog around, then my mother came very angry with me for not reason at all, and then my dog got scared and he jump against my mother and make her fall, I start laughing like nuts so she got even more angry, but I really enjoyed it, hahaha, and I am still laughing, and my mother is angry and scared!!

Whats Up Killjoys??!!

Well this is it, I am a teenager out of control loving MCR more every minute, I really want to have more friends so if you want to you can follow me on twitter, I will follow you back, :) @EliiH182


Hi, whats up killjoys.
well here is the deal, I have a really cute boyfriend 3 months ago, we love each other and we are the perfect mate, but he is 1 year older than me, and my parents are not agree with him because some messages on my phone that were not so available, and I am desperate to convince the to meet him, and to have a nice day together, for them to see how he really is.but they also say I am too small to have a boyfriend, and it is a distraction, but it is not! I have improved my grades and everything. how can I do to convince them!