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Hi everybody! I have slept 23 hours! My father told me I am the laziest girl in the world.... but I enjoyed it!!!


hi, I received a DM from my boyfriend saying that our reltionship is over, but then I asked why, so he told me cause my mother, she doesn't want that this relationship continues, we can't go out many times and she gets mad at me cause she thinks he wants something about sex o something like that, and I told him to give me some time to convince her to let me go out with him, now I have to make that or I'll be single again... :( I am so so so sad!!!!!
I put that video cause was the song I was listening when I read the direct message... :'(


I went to see my family, then we went to a cousin's house and I saw she had many CD's from MCR a shouted and asked her if she liked and she told me yes and she was a killjoy, so I became crazy and then we started talking about MCR and now I am so happy to have more killjoys in my family! (the one that I though didn't had anything interesting at all)
Now I can talk with her all about everything!!!!! :) I am so fucking happy!!!!!!!!


it's true, I was walking by the street and suddenly this song came to my head and I started singing it all day, and can get out of my head. " I got my mind set on this song" hahahahahaha


HI, yesterday I went to my boyfriends house to watch a movie and talk, he went to Europe with his family and he brought me something and his mother did too!!!! she is just amazing, she treates me very well and nice, she even take me to my house, ow what a great woman!

Rest in peace... <3

this month was been a little hard, my grandfather died on July 16, a day after my mother's birthday (the one I forgot) and the picture is him and me like 12 years ago :'(
He teached me to smile, even on the worst moments in life, he did a great effort to give me all I wanted, and, he told me never to surrender.
A week before his dead, I went to see him to the hospital, but doctors didn't allowed me to come in, so I was very disapointed, cause I kew those were his last days.
When we were at the funeral I opened the coffin to see, and he looked like a doll, and then I started crying.
That's all

No more chilli!!!

hi everybody!
something happened to me two days ago, let me tell you; I was with some friends playing to complete challenges, at the beginning they were easy but then they become harder, and I had to eat a chilli habanero (the most spicy in the world) so I ate it, and my mouth start burning and my throat was close so I couldn't breathe, they took me to the hospital, it was awful! and my friends were too scared and panic-stricken.I don't know what the doctors did to me after I awake, so I can't remember. Now I am at home resting and happily enjoying vacations.

Hello... anyone on mexico?

hi, I am from USA, but long time ago I moved to Mexico. I am living in Queretaro, so I want to know if any killjoy is living in the country??
hola, soy de estados unidos, pero hace timepo me mude a mexico, vivo en queretaro, y me gustaria saber si hay algun fan de MCR en el pais, para hablar o algo?
take care !!!


Hi! I am at the airport in mexico city, in less than 2 hours I am going to Brasil!! I'll go to sau paulo, one of the biggest cities in Brasil. 2 years ago, I went to the same place, I got an apartment there, and the best part, I am going alone! with no parents, just me. I'll visit a friend, so I won't be alone. I hope I can arrive there at 12 o'clock (brasil's time) and then have a lot off fun! Love you guys!!!! :)


ok, I am hearing "dead" and my head is on other planet, and then I start thinking about dying, can it be real or is just getting sleep, can dead be even better than life? I think it is, we are trapped on this roll of desolation, on this weird nightmare about suffering. Sometimes I wish I could die and came back to life to see what really matters. Does dead is the solution from living? a kind of action to make things easier? who knows, and what is waiting at us after life? does God exist?