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I am lying, I am lying to YOU!!! FORGET IT!!!!

i sit in front of him this morning. his killjoy name is A. B. Sunshine. we are not in relationship but people think so when he and I are together. they dont know that we're just having a small talk. We keep refusing what people said. yes, we are close, but only as a friend. I tell all people that i love my neighbour who actually pretend me only like his sister.

I got a complicated life, i think he got it too but he has a good paradigm of it. Im tired of being me. i couldnt be myself. i was always hiding. till he implicitly told me that i dont need to be too glomy, i should enjoy it.

No sunshine without them

My days were messy, crowded, crazy, or ohh whatever! and i bet the next following days wILL be worse.

I'm walking on two paths. i try to step on them together in the same time, but I'm lost in both paths. No path i can do well. I cant see any light in both paths. This is the first time I feel this kind of tight-shit and i wanna let them go. nothing can i do. If i stop walking, I should hate my life then. I stand up hopeless and no one cares. I dont wanna get up and see mornings. Maybe some of you are perplexed about what im talking.