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Hey, come on! I'll never wanna be w/ my ex again.

I know most of you will ignore this. Well you can read this if you want to, anytime. It sounds so weird when my friend, a boy whose killjoyname is Adrenaline Sunshine, said "Hey, you're getting closer to your ex, dont you think its a good idea? I saw you both some days ago". Ohh my Gee,,, he asked such thing??!!! why?
Well, here's the truth: My last ex, the one i respected the most,is my first boyfriend. He is the one who made me start washing my clothes by my self, I was stopping gotta loundry and tried to be independent.


I've been studying all night long, leave some funs only for this exam. However i still get bad score.Teacher said this exam will determine who'll get the chance to gotta university without test, just documents and GPA selection. Only some students will be selected each class. Thats why this exam is so important for me. No matter how good my score is, if my score is still lower than my friends, I wont get the chance. Today i got my Chemistry score. Its 7.5 but most of my friends get above it.

Can i change my username here??

Anyonee... please tell me how change my username???is it the same like the way i change my password??

PLEASE.... HELP.... :(
i need to change it.....

Can i change my username here??

Anyoneee..... please help..... how could i change my username???
i need to change it......
Is it the same like the way i change my password??
please PLEASE help......

Math is really boring


I'll be gone for 3 weeks

Today my math teacher announced my scores in my class. I got 4, 5, 6, and 7 is my highest score out of 10. thats terrible! since then i promise to my self I'll study harder, and leave some funs for math (except listening to MCR songs, its a habbit). because i only have a week to make everything better before the exam. this messy semester will be end in 3 weeks. not only math, but also the worst physics, i got 3 out of 10. but I'll be back after that. I wanted to ignore this at first, but then i started to think "No no no! I cant!" MCR has saved my live, so I should keep running.

A Tissue Bird :)

yesterday, he just gimme this. i want you all to know, i was exuberant to recieve this! this is an amazing piece of art. i know its little bit broken but, i'll keep it, i wont forget it although someday he may forget it.

for the one who gave this.... this is the 33rd bird you've given to me. wish you could listen to Summertime now. For me, that song is only for you!!!

-paranoia destroya-

Please help me, KILLJOYS...

how to change a person without being rude??????
im almost giving up telling him. i mean i dont know what should i do. everytime i tried my new "methode" to make him realize what he's doing, it seems so boring, and i feel i've been rude after doing that. he just never respect it. Why cant i just let him like that?? I ... I just cant. i dont wanna let him in danger. i dont wanna be his savior or either his detonator. he's much stronger than me. i just wanna wake him up in the dark and take him out of harm. Somehow i wanna stay away from him, although im not sure i can.

-Paranoia Destroya-

Let's Show 'em How Great MCR is! then we'll feel Great!

this should be post on 11/11/11, but i got no internet connection.
I’ve just finished with my interview, part of university preparation things. Badly I get a damn sore throat (I swear it’s really annoying). Every time I speak, it feels like there’s a knife scratches my throat over and over again. I had no mood to say anything with the interviewer. Everyone was telling their wonderful backgrounds. The interviewer was impressed with all my friends’ stories, struggles, desires, or whatever.

11/11/11. what a beautiful day

I had no clothes to wear, so I bought some in mall two days ago. Its not about how lazy I am to put them in washing machine. I just don’t like the drying system here, in my dormitory. A lot of spiders on the top of hanging-clothes place, I HATE SPIDERS!!! Also, I’m fed-up with all inconsiderate people who put their wet clothes near the place where I hang my clothes. Thus my clothes were wet again. That sucks. Today I wore my new t-shirt which I bought in a rush. However, people mock me. I was shouting in silent “you know?