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My Chemical Romance Daydream! They Are Still Together In My Dreams

I started daydreaming during school today and sometimes when I day dream I imagine things happening right in front of me, for example if I am in English and I start daydreaming everything from butterflies flying into the class room or even like today My Chemical Romance can just walk in. It’s brilliant because only I can see these things. So back to the daydream I had today. I was sitting in English class as my teacher was discussing the reasons why and how Shakespeare wrote his plays, we then moved onto learning about the characters in Macbeth. This was when I started to imagine things. In a dream I heard something knock on the door, I turned my head and saw the members of My Chemical Romance through the window just smiling and waving at me. First of all I thought to myself “WOW! This must be one boring class.” I then stood up and opened the door (I didn’t stand up in reality, I only stood up in the dream. There is a difference between my dream self and my reality self.

We all have those songs that no matter where we are or what we are doing if we heard it we do something crazy like dancing badly in public. At the present time the songs that give me this burst of energy are “Surrender the Night” and “Burn Bright”. Last night I was sitting cross legged on my bed as I tried to finish my Philosophy homework (by the way I did finish and I have submitted it to the teacher for marking). While I was doing my homework I was listening to My Chemical Romance and suddenly Conventional Weapons Number Five began to play. In a moment of excitement I jumped off my bed (I hurt my ankle whilst doing this, ouch!) and started to mouth the words and pretend that I was performing in front of thousands of people. I have been doing this often lately, as soon as “Surrender the Night” or “Burn Bright” comes onto my iPod, I just begin performing NO MATTER WHERE I AM! I’m serious, I have a problem.

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Make A Wish When Your Childhood Dies. Chapter 20 (Please Read!!!!)

Hi everyone, I know it has been awhile since I have written, but I haave had a lot of assignments, homework and exam. But I am back now, so I hope you guy still want to read. For those who have never read my fan fiction before or people who have forgotten what has happened, here's a little reminder. November is a sixteen year old who lost her parents in a fire when she was a baby, she was then put into an orphanage run by Miss Marget, who drinks way too such and doesn't care for the children. One night November attempted to escape and ran to a bar where she become unbelievely drunk, but is saved by a man named Gerard (yep that right). Weeks after their meeting he comes and finds her and adopts her. Right now in the sory November has fallen in love with Mikey, Gerard's 18 year old brother but he doesn't have the same feels, oh and November also keeps fainting, weird right

Chapter 20
Didn’t This Happen Months Ago?

Happy My Chemical Romance Day everyone!!! MCR I love you with all my heart and I will never forget you!!!!

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Make A Wish When Your Childhood Dies. Chapter 19 (Please Read!!!!)

Chapter Nineteen
Learnt To Turn The Page

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My Chemical Romance, I Love You And I Will Never Let You Go <3

I have been trying to think of what I wanted to say ever since I found out about the break up last night. When I first found out I sat in front of my computer screen and waited for the tears to come. My eyes burned with the pain and sharp painful stinging filled my body, but that was just from the shock I believe. For the rest of the night my eyes continued to tear up possibly because I listened to a playlist containing only My Chemical Romance songs. I fell asleep without wanting to and had a dream that they were still a band and that MCR5 was about to come out but then I woke up and realized that it was just a dream and that the reality was that MCR had announced their break up. I looked all over the web for more information but that was it. I painted one of my nails black because now I am mourning the loss of my favourite band.
So here we go, my time to say my goodbye to My Chemical Romance.

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Make A Wish When Your Childhood Dies. Chapter 18 (Please Read!!!!)

Chapter Eighteen
The Love He Felt For About 30 Seconds Is Now Gone

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Make A Wish When Your Childhood Dies. Chapter 17 (Please Read!!!!)

Chapter Seventeen
Telling Me No Won’t Stop Me!

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Make A Wish When Your Childhood Dies. Chapter 16 (Please Read!!!!)

Chapter Sixteen
Making A Deal With An Angel Is Worse Than Dealing With The Devil

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Make A Wish When Your Childhood Dies. Chapter 15 (Please Read!!!!)

Chapter Fifteen