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I love watching My Chemical Romance interviews, when I first started listening to My Chem I would go on my computer and play interview and live performances all night long and by doing this any tears I wanted to cry or any pain that was still looming in my mind would disappear. Even though My Chemical Romance’s interviews can be serious, there are so many hilarious interviews that just leave you asking: “What on Earth have I just witnessed?” The interview that I am choosing today is fairly old and it is from all the way back to ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’. The interview is from an AOL session and it involves them talking about ‘Three Cheers’, how they got into music and their inspirations. There are both serious and funny moments in this interview which makes me both intrigued and gasping for breath because I always laugh so hard by the end of the interview.

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My Chemical Romance 31 Day Challenge- Day 21: A picture of Ray.

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My Chemical Romance 31 Day Challenge: Day 20: Favourite live performance and why?

Once again this challenge has brought up the swore subject of how I have not been to a My Chemical Romance concert but today I am making up for it by watching as many live performances as I can. So after watching live performances from every My Chemical Romance era, I have come to a discussion. Drum roll please… actually you already know because of course I added the video to this blog (WHY DO YOUTUBE VIDEOS DESTROY MY NEED FOR MELODRAMATIC MOMENTS?)… oh well I am still going to be over dramatic about this moment. Continue to the drumming rolling with all the energy you have in your body, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, please. And the live performance I have picked isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss: their performance of “Helena” for MTV!!!!!!!!!

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My Chemical Romance 31 Day Challenge- Day 19: A picture of Frank.

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My Chemical Romance 31 Day Challenge- Day 18: Favourite lyric or lyrics, and why?

“I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone”

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My Chemical Romance 31 Challenge- Day 17: A picture of Gerard.

If I was to say anything to any band member of My Chemical Romance I would probably say “Catch me”. Now you are probably thinking “why would you say “catch me” of all thing, especially when you are meaning your idols?” Well when I feel too much pressure I sometimes vomit, faint or run for the hills. I am hoping that if I met My Chemical Romance I will do the least embarrassing thing out of these three. If I throw up all over them, they will be disgusted and hate me forever (okay maybe not hate me forever, I believe they are more understanding than that). If I run for the hills I won’t be able to talk to them, because, well you know I will be in the hills. So I would prefer to faint because then one of them can catch me and then when I awake and open my eyes I will see their faces staring at me.

I have watched all of My Chemical Romance’s music videos countless times, but I still remember the videos I watched first: “Famous Last Words”, “Helena” and “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”. These are some of my favourite songs but even though, in past blogs, it seems like every time I have to pick a favourite I pick three instead of one, I’m not doing that today. There is one music video which I have watched the most and I continue to imagine it when I am school. This music video which has always amazed me is “Helena”. It is such as emotional video, so emotional that Gerard starts tearing up, which causes me to cry. The dancing is beautiful and it is all for Gerard’s and Mikey’s Grandma and it is clear how much they love her by the way they celebrate her in this video. The walking in the rain with the coffin, the girl coming alive longing for life again and dancing amongst her loved ones wanting to be living with them are all brilliantly filmed. When everyone is crying I am crying.

Even though I would actually love it if all of My Chemical Romance’s songs were turned into music videos, there are a few that I always wanted to see turned into incredible videos. First of all “The Only Hope for Me Is You”, I know that they were planning to create a music video for this song but in the end didn’t have the money for it. I don’t have a vision for this song because I know what they originally had in mind would better than all my ideas. Second, “Disenchanted”; this song is most defiantly in my top ten favourite songs out of all the songs I have ever heard in my entire live. For this song I would have love for them to base it around a young person (possibly someone who has just finished high school) struggling with live and reflecting on things like school and relationships. Like a lot of their videos there would be shots of them performing, while the story is unfolding.

I always obsess over the lead singers of bands because I learn from them and improve my singing abilities and Gerard is no exception to this little habit I have. Even though I do play the guitar and started to play the drums and I admire them as well but I cannot help that half of the time my attention is on Gerard. It is not just his singing ability that makes him my favourite, it is his story which has inspired me countless times. It is amazing to see how a young kid who isn’t treated well in school plays Peter Pan, grows up to be a cartoonist, sees nine eleven happen, reflects on his life and decides he will turn back to music. Through all the hardships he has rose above and created phenomenal music and helped so many people. He is my day to day inspiration, and sometimes he is the only reason why I get out of bed in the morning. He is the one that I will always turn to in my times of great darkness. He inspires me to paint, draw, write, compose and so many other things.