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Make A Wish When Your Childhood Dies. Chapter 24 (Please Read!!!!)

Chapter Twenty-Four
Why Don’t You Sing?

(31 Days ago I created this challenge and I justified it with saying that it was something I always wanted to do, but there was another reason, a more important reason. The dark spiral My Chemical Romance had saved me from has returned and this time not even the smallest pin prick of light could break through the blackness consuming me. Songs that used to help me were now meaningless melodies and art had lost all inspiration, everything lost its colour and taste. This when I realised I needed to fill my life with the music that always saved me, so I recreated the My Chemical Romance Challenge so I could fill each day with MCR. And it work but I still don’t wanted it to end, please if you were thinking about doing the challenge please do and tell your friends, keep the challenge going, please do.)
Dear My Chemical Romance,

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My Chemical Romance 31 Day Challenge- Day 30: Tell us about your Killjoy personality.

First of all I am sorry that I did post this earlier but I had a lot of homework, which unfortunately had to be done but worst of all the illnesses I have had since I was born have been acting up lately and when I wasn’t doing homework I was in bed. Life why do you hate me? This challenge is to tell all you wonder people about my Killjoy personality which I am actually really excited about, but I do have to say sorry for not posting a picture, because I haven’t finished drawing her.

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Day 29: Favourite Tweet from a member of the band.

As soon as I saw this question I knew I was going to put up a Gerard tweet because I spend a lot of time stalking his twitter. Oh I mean reading his twitter. But I also knew which tweet I was going to choose and yes it is the most emotional, sad and inspirational tweet ever but it also ended everything because the tweet I have decided to post is the one he wrote to say why My Chemical Romance was breaking up. I love this so much I actually printed it up, so I could read it when ever I wanted to. So hear it is:
A Vigil, On Birds and Glass.

I woke up this morning still dreaming, or not fully aware of myself just yet. The sun poked through the windows, touching my face, and then a deep sadness overcame me, immediately, bringing me to life and realization- My Chemical Romance had ended.
I walked downstairs to do the only thing I could think of to regain composure-
I made coffee.

I have never been good with words, in moments when I need to depend on my speaking abilities, my tongue and lips fail me, so ever though I would love to have in-depth conversation with them, I am positive that the first thing we are going to do is not going to involve talking. So when words fail me I allow music to take hold of me, which means jam session bright and early in the morning. It would start with Gerard and I warming up our vocal chords which some voice exercises and then Frank, Mikey, Ray and I would sit down together to tune our guitars together. Then we would sing and play music for hours. I am sure that after a couple of hours of music I would be comfortable enough to talk to them, that would be when we would have our conversation where we would talk about everything. The rest of the day would be filled with drawing, song writing and driving around in Killjoy outfits in the Killjoy’s car whilst blasting Danger Days.

“No matter how bad it gets don’t give up. Always keep running we will always be there for you just turn up the speakers.” –Gerard Way
“All your quirks and all your problems, even your depressions, and your failures that’s… that’s what makes you, you.” –Gerard Way
“We are here as a reminder that the world is not better off without you.” –Frank Iero
“You cannot, and I’m serious, you cannot be ashamed of who you are, no matter how much shit you get for it, or how much bullying you get, you can’t change who you are for anybody else. And I know it takes a lot, but it makes you a stronger person and you’ll be so happy that you didn’t later on in life.” –Frank Iero
“Everybody wanted to hate us, but we always had in our mind that we wanted to transcend this. We wanted to change the world.” –Mikey Way
“When you doubt yourself you create something better.” –Ray Toro

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My Chemical Romance 31 Day Challenge- Day 26: A picture of MCR together.

I only just realized today that I only had a couple day left of My Chemical Romance 31 Day Challenge and the truth is I felt really sad because its been really fun and it is incredible to have tasks revolving around My Chemical Romance every day, but by the end of this week it will be over. Today’s challenge is post a picture of the band as a whole, which means I had to search through my ‘My Chemical Romance’ file on my computer and decided to post a picture from the Black Parade era. This picture of them in the theatre is one of my favourite because I spend hours staring at it wonder “why are in an empty theatre get sitting and staring into space?”

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My Chemical Romance 31 Day Challenge- Day 25: A picture of merchandise you own.

Sadly I don’t have any merchandise, but I wish I did. If I had the money I would be buy enough My Chemical Romance shirts to last me a life time but sadly, no shirts. I have always wanted band merchandise, I sometimes go onto the online store and plan what I want to get and usually end up with a list with hundreds of dollars in clothing and other things on it. There is also another problem and that is I sometimes see things I want but then when it comes to narrowing down on one item I cannot choose between that shirt and the other shirt. I know this is not the worst situation to be in and it may even sound pathetic but I seriously need a My Chemical Romance shirt, if I had even just one I would put it on and swear to never take it if, but in the end it would have to be cleaned because I am a magnet for messes.
Until the next time, this is Dreamer, signing off.

Like many of you, I turn on My Chemical Romance whenever I am having a day, weekend, week, mouth, year or even life. Sometimes things just pile up and block out the light from my world and the only thing I can to do shove my headphones on and turn up the volume of my My Chemical Romance playlist. I have the songs I ran to when I want to cry, when I want to punch something and when I need to smile and be happy again, but even though I have these songs, once they are over I am happier and ready for the next My Chemical Romance song to play. I cannot choose a song that makes me always happy because that’s what I have these songs for but what I can to do is narrow it do to the album that makes me always happy.

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My Chemical Romance 31 Day Challenge- Day 23: A picture of Mikey.