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funny dressage free style

I just love it

funny dressage free style

I just love it

A Horse named Gerard

this horse should be Gerard. I don't know why this model horse reminded me of Gerard. I bought it with a Gray color. soon it was clear that i wanted to change its color. I didn't Know which color would describe Gerard best. i thought very long about it but all the rare colors like rabicano, blue roan, dominant white or crayola (light black) were too ordinary. A fwe days later I came across a picture of a chestnut, white and black foal (a chimera. it is a horse with two different DNAs). I knew the idea was good but not perfect.

Chimera horse which has the right colors but it is the wrong modle horse


I need YOUR help

i really need your help if you understand smoething about horses, especially young horses.
i posted some photos of Adlerflug the 11year old upperaustrian haflinger gelding.(and the horse at the photo is him)

we have a big problem that might end some day with a dangerous situation. we cant trust each other!!!!!! it fells like there is a big wall bewteen us and he is too scared to jump over it and i cant climb over it. i just cant reach this horse we are no team

it might be dangerous because we just can ride on a street outside there is no fence... nothing... if he runs away he can run

my other horse Atos

he is again an upperaustrian haflinger gelding but 19 years old and was the best austrian military horse. He is for me the best horse in the world although he is 19 he always wants to run and wants to be the winner in every little race. we are a great team and we can trust each other in every situation

again my horse Adlerflug

my horse Adlerflug