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The Buildings tab Paulino Jewel Bulgarian cycling

The Building Paulino closes the signing of Vladimir Rusenov , one of the jewels of the Bulgarian cycling. At 19 , he has been one of the key corridors in the Bulgarian Federation Junior selection Rusenov was national champion three times both online and on the clock . cycling Short Sleeve Jerseys
It is " a complete runner, with an aptitude for classical , Wheeler is an impressive and excellent time trialist " Monchi has qualified Alvarez , director of Building Paulino Cycling Team , " we are sure you will give us some joy this season, Rusenov has 16 wins achieved in different countries such as Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey , in addition to reaching the podium in 30 races .

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On the selection of winter riding equipment

The maximum point of pain than riding outside the wet and cold, at 0 degrees below the environment, you soaked to the skin , numbness, tears , tears streaming mouthful , but the cold is not ready to fill the body .... This kind of makes you wait for them to feel the pain immediately plunged into a steamy sauna room .... colnago cycling jersey... in fact , you do not need such a painful ride, if you picked the right winter riding equipment, on Unlike other seasons to experience the fun of riding - riding on winding mountain (or smooth ride on straight roads ) , breathe fresh air, enjoy the beauty of the snow is not melting ...

First, coat papers

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As a cyclist it is very important to protect your knees

Question in this regard is also a lot of online presentation , I think it is necessary concern for outdoor sports in this area, there will inevitably be mishandled wrestling when cycling, so you would be a series of knee injuries . cannondale jersey The question arises how to do ? In order to protect your knees , as you push Kam some recommendations for the prevention of this phenomenon.

1, with high- speed (90 ~ 100 rpm) and choose a light file ( low gear ) to stampede .

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I'm just a full passionate cyclist

Now your work far away from home, suit skirt tied up your body. But my pursuit of the wind pressure, sweating freely, speed stimulation, I want to hear the friction between the tires and quick out of the voice, I want to see both sides of the fast-moving landscape, this feeling - just go cycling. monton cycling jersey  
I wear cycling clothing, cycling pushed out, this moment, I turned into a knight born to ride. First ride will practice before the warm-up, consciously do these stretching exercises, shoulder rotation, shoulder blades stretching exercises, two lateral windmill arm motion, neck stretching exercises, after dumping a large waist stretching exercises.

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Sponge, silicone and microfiber seat cushion ride which is better

Riding cushion, cushion popular cycling generally sponge, silicone , microfiber cushions several. Especially popular silicone cushion , the reason for such a problem because there are a few errors .

1 sponge cushion, generally have surface features COOLMAX fabric intermediate compressed sponge , the bottom layer of functional fabric COOLMAX three composite.  cycling team jerseys He is the oldest seat use , and now the process has been very skillful , market liquidity situation, more popular in the late spring , summer , autumn seasons. Access to its main vents breathable wicking performance comparison with excellent features. Drawback is relatively thin mattress prefer not to use more than novices .

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Jerome Clementz Enduro celebrating his first world title

Italy Finale Ligure town is here that the final round of Super Enduro race battle , this series of competitions sponsored by the SRAM has been five years. Classic and harsh place is a natural choice for the first time ever Enduro World Cup series, the final battle , Jerome Clementz (Cannondale Overmountain team ) without any reservations , he continued to be an exciting and fast-paced game, defeated this season ranked closest competitor Jared Graves and Fabien Barel.  cycling undergarments
Competition in two days more than 20 minutes of special stages , Jerome was the fourth victory of the season , completed his dream season and confirmed it in the world's top Enduro race position.