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The Buildings tab Paulino Jewel Bulgarian cycling

The Building Paulino closes the signing of Vladimir Rusenov , one of the jewels of the Bulgarian cycling. At 19 , he has been one of the key corridors in the Bulgarian Federation Junior selection Rusenov was national champion three times both online and on the clock . cycling Short Sleeve Jerseys

It is " a complete runner, with an aptitude for classical , Wheeler is an impressive and excellent time trialist " Monchi has qualified Alvarez , director of Building Paulino Cycling Team , " we are sure you will give us some joy this season, Rusenov has 16 wins achieved in different countries such

On the selection of winter riding equipment

The maximum point of pain than riding outside the wet and cold, at 0 degrees below the environment, you soaked to the skin , numbness, tears , tears streaming mouthful , but the cold is not ready to fill the body .... This kind of makes you wait for them to feel the pain immediately plunged into a steamy sauna room .... colnago cycling jersey... in fact , you do not need such a painful ride, if you picked the right winter riding equipment, on Unlike other seasons to experience the fun of riding - riding on winding mountain (or smooth ride on straight roads ) , breathe fresh air, enjoy the

As a cyclist it is very important to protect your knees

Question in this regard is also a lot of online presentation , I think it is necessary concern for outdoor sports in this area, there will inevitably be mishandled wrestling when cycling, so you would be a series of knee injuries . cannondale jersey The question arises how to do ? In order to protect your knees , as you push Kam some recommendations for the prevention of this phenomenon.


1, with high- speed (90 ~ 100 rpm) and choose a light file ( low gear ) to stampede .


If you use a high cadence , each pedaling force will relieve knee , which can effectively

I'm just a full passionate cyclist

Now your work far away from home, suit skirt tied up your body. But my pursuit of the wind pressure, sweating freely, speed stimulation, I want to hear the friction between the tires and quick out of the voice, I want to see both sides of the fast-moving landscape, this feeling - just go cycling. monton cycling jersey  

I wear cycling clothing, cycling pushed out, this moment, I turned into a knight born to ride.

Sponge, silicone and microfiber seat cushion ride which is better

Riding cushion, cushion popular cycling generally sponge, silicone , microfiber cushions several. Especially popular silicone cushion , the reason for such a problem because there are a few errors .


1 sponge cushion, generally have surface features COOLMAX fabric intermediate compressed sponge , the bottom layer of functional fabric COOLMAX three composite.  cycling team jerseys He is the oldest seat use , and now the process has been very skillful , market liquidity situation, more popular in the late spring , summer , autumn seasons.

Jerome Clementz Enduro celebrating his first world title

Italy Finale Ligure town is here that the final round of Super Enduro race battle , this series of competitions sponsored by the SRAM has been five years. Classic and harsh place is a natural choice for the first time ever Enduro World Cup series, the final battle , Jerome Clementz (Cannondale Overmountain team ) without any reservations , he continued to be an exciting and fast-paced game, defeated this season ranked closest competitor Jared Graves and Fabien Barel.  cycling undergarments

Competition in two days more than 20 minutes of special stages , Jerome was the fourth victory of the