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i spend my time with strangers.

*looks up from green day article in RS& see a girl in a killjoy shirt*
ME:*gasps* oh my gosh I LOVE... * gets choked up*
girl: MCR (nonchalantly)
ME: yeah.

well i know i could've done better but.... i just hope she doesnt think i dont even know their name. & i was super sweaty & wearing volleyball shoes.

what if she sees this.... she probably thinks im super lame.

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so we cant post self harm blogs.

that just kinda sucks. what happened to freedom of speech & the rest of the first amendment to the constitution in the bill of rights.

whatever. i get that they dont want to get in trouble if some kid does something really bad but not posting about it doesnt make it go away.

oh my fuck im in a house with two screaming, crying kids... i cant do this right now.

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ohhh guess what.

watch out california... i get my permit tomorrow at 9:45 a.m.


i've got to work on my hideous smile.

lets vote....

teeth or no teeth

smile or no smile

im scared. i need to study for my test. what if i fail. what if i blink when my picture is taken. what if...???

just kidding i dont really care that much.... i just dont want to look too stupid because this picture will represent me for at least 2 years.

the test will be pretty fucking easy. its just common sense & what kind of idiot cant read road signs... ohh yeah... an American idiot... but i dont wanna be an American idiot.

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i love the way he says Gerard.

september 2nd & gee's voice will be in new music!!!!!

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so yesterday i accidentally opened by podcasts & saw that i had an MCR podcast. I started it but was completely exhausted & finished it this morning. that podcast was great. but i was bummed that i only had one MCR podcast...

so i scrolled up & discovered that i had another one!!!! this one was a celebrity playlist podcast so they play parts of some of their favorite songs & talk about them & while the parts of the song are playing you get to see the beautiful album artwork. & they tell so many wonderful stories like....

Ray telling the story of how he had his first dance with his wife to a cover of this song played by two friends & his brother. After he danced with his wife he played the song for his wife too & said it was an honor to play it for her.

Ray is just such a wonderful person & i feel like he's just completely ignored by the fans but i just want to say that i love him. he's so humble & modest & intelligent. & he loves Christa so much.

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well im just listening to this...

i love this song. this & Summertime explode my eyes into tear producing machines

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its also my bday.

I FEEL SO SPECIAL. i was created(born) on the same day (2 years later) as billie joe & adrienne's marriage.

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who is freaking out more...

us or deadmau5 fans??????


we are going to have gerard's voice on something new & did you hear about MCR being in a soundtrack with some "new" music?!!

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oh my gosh.... JUST NO. PLEASE STOP.

i saw this & uhmmm no...

i.m 15 & crazy! & i love music & radio b/c san fran has some of the best! & foster the people is amazing-ishness I LUUUUUUUUUUUUV foster the people! torches is the best album ever & phoenix & peter bjorn & john are equally wonderful & i used to love maroon 5 but they killed that w/ moves like jagger so they get a like from me. foster the people lives in my mind... permanently. & i love colplay! & omg killers is amazing as well! & neon trees is 100% awesome! habits is so good & i love every song! & i am 100% in love w/ mark foster & i dont usually go crazy for lead singers but he is amazing & can be so gorgeous... sometimes. & i for one love tyler glenn's hair! and cant wait for more ftp music & im not even bored w/ torches! oh my did i mention coldplay their music is the definition of beautiful. killers used to be so good. Ohh & my chemical romance! uhmm gerard way is gorgeous. & so is mikey & so is frank. & so is ray so....

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to: my blogs who have been screwed over twice in the past three months or so..