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Happy Birthday Gee!

I do not believe that he is 36, I have to question whether he's immortal as I don't think he's aged since Three Cheers. Happy Birthday Gerard!

MCRmy help for a video

Over on the mcrmy website theres an idea in a thread by Dumbledine which could use help from the MCRmy: "Gerard described MCR as an idea, and I wanted to make a video on what we as the MCRmy thought that idea was" so if anyone wants to participate post a photo, drawing, word doc of what you think that idea could be and send them to @dumbledine over twitter :D


What does everyone think will happen with this now? It's soon after I know but we can speculate right? After all Matt Devine had said in Kerrang he heard 6 of the songs.

We can live forever if you've got the time

It seems the dust is beginning to settle and many are accepting it, mostly thanks to Gerards post, they're not going to want us to be crushed over it forever so what do we do now? Relating to what people have said about an MCR day and what Gerard said, MCR isn't just a band but an idea. Ever since I read that twitter post this morning those words were in my head all day and through work which likely slowed me down a little bit..

The fact we're here and whilst we're still here listening to them and reliving what experiences we may have with them is evidence enough that My Chemical Romance will

Another door opens

Just waking up to see Gerards message and it was heartbreaking to read. I'm glad we have that information but now I feel sad, not just because this is the end but due to the way Gerard's feeling and that feeling lead to this. More than anything I hope he and the band are ok, he's beaten dark times before and he'll do it again, we still have their music and memories and the feelings it gives us and that door that keeps getting mentioned we have that to look forward to.

Think we should take a break

We're all stressing out right now, all of these theories circulating and theres the notion they have really signed off. Might be a good idea to take 5, sit back to a few songs and tune out whats going down for a while.

Trying to process this... But I hope we hear from them again.

I know it's a bit of a douchey move signing up now that the band have split up but as this seems to be sadly real, this is the best place to vent the feelings on the matter. I wish I had signed up before, the community here seems fantastic but I digress. I started listening to them when Three Cheers came out when I was about 12 or 13, so following a band for 9 years and then hearing they've split up is hard to process. I still don't really believe it. I must've spent hours yesterday searching the internet for more information or a post that it's untrue.