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so long and goodnight to my favourite band

i've never cried so much in my life. when i woke up on saturday morning, i received a text from my friend emily simply saying 'MCR :((((((((' and i soon found out that my favourite band were calling it a day (for now, at least). i felt like i'd just lost my best friend. the first band t-shirt i bought was a my chem one, one of the first cd's i ever bought was the black parade, the first poster on my wall was an mcr poster. my chemical romance were the original band that got me into bands, and i can't thank them enough for that.

conventional weapons #3!

the light behind your eyes and the world is ugly are so, so beautiful. they're better than i could've ever imagined them to be. so far my favourite cw songs are the 2 latest ones and boy division by far. they're incredible!

boy division and tomorrow's money!

sooooooo what does everyone think of the first 2 conventional weapons songs? i think they are a m a z i n g. they remind me of mcr's older stuff. when i listened to them it made me miss bob even more as well (since he drums on all of the cw songs).

HALLOWEEEEEEN ~scary sound effects~

hey guys! everyone ready for halloween? i know i am! halloween has to be my favourite holiday of the year by far. we get sweets, we're allowed to dress up no matter how old we are (although usually it's kids, teenagers and students) and we get to spend the whole night with friends!

- charlie, the perks of being a wallflower aka the saddest film i've ever seen,

- charlie, the perks of being a wallflower aka the saddest film i've ever seen,

re: tumblr

well, cheering up my friends with cute tumblr messages work. i nearly made one cry (in a good way) and i helped another one of my friends because i told him he was awesome (he really is, you should meet him sometime) since he replied by saying he's been a bit down lately so he really needed to be told he was awesome. my friend eve said thankyou but then pondered who it was. like she couldn't have just guessed! xD not many of us have tumblr!

conclusion: i like helping people :3


i'm incredibly bored rn so i decided to do a good deed (i suppose you could call it that?). i went on all my friend's asks on tumblr and put something positive and entirely truthful about them on anon for them to get when they come on later. i got the idea after i received a nice anon ask earlier that made my day so i thought i might as well try and make my friend's sunday's that bit nicer, incase they've been having a bad day. you see, i'm a soft motherfucker at times. keep smiling and remember, you're never alone.

LEEDS FEST 2012! (my experience)

Hi! I just thought I'd post about my Leeds Fest experience, even though it was 16 days ago.. oh well. Well, IT WAS AMAZING. I went with my parents on the Saturday (they wanted to see The Cure and I'm too young to go on my own) but I left them to explore by themselves with my friend's parents and stayed with my friends all day which was cool.


Hey Crash Queens and Motor Babies!
Today has been a veeeeeery good day. Firstly, the new Green Day single, Oh Love, was released. It's amazing. You should listen to it if your haven't already. Secondly, it was my school's sports day. We failed but I'm still happy because we put out all into it but we didn't come last, yep. (We came second to last). xD I have a German flag also painted on my face because each team were a different country (the day was Olympic themed). Lastly, I PICKED UP MY LEEDS FESTIVAL TICKETS! I actually can't wait.