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my killjoy name

i found my killjoy name yesterday night its itsal crow but ill post more about that later.
i started wirting fan fic and here a little of it.
iam in my cell when a drac came in and knocked me out .the next thing i know iam on a operation table they use amnisa breath. on me next thing i know iam in a car i ask the drac driving. where are we going ?he says its non of my bussiness.

my killjoy name

i found it last night then i started wrating fan fic when iam done ill post it
but heres a little of just to get u excited .
iam in my cell when a drac comes in and nocks me out.the next thing i know i wakeup on an operateing table when they put amnisa breath on me. next time i wake up is when iam in a car.
i ask the crac next to me where we are going and he says nowhere u need to know . then i figure it out where there taking me ive herd its though the cell bolc

to day

i couldint sleep i am oddly not tierd and wanna go and doe stuff and no one will

last night

i couldt sleep so i stay up a bit listing to mcr .my earbuds broke my shoes broke at school yester day and my frand is grounded my lfe suck and it all ways will


iam soo glad its friday !!!!

killjoy id

first song mama
fav song iam not ok and the sharpist lives.
lest fav i never toldu what i did for a liveing
my storey is what its always been scene ive got my diesise i have to take pills that s my chemical romance other then the band there the best my dream is to someday be as good as them. i have a band my self

why does school have to be sooo hard

so today we had a high school tour omg it was horrorfing i almost past out like twice just form
heat egostion cuz i was wearing a sweater god just god

school ehh

today i got a sieince book to read and do homework in ... on anther note chour where doing les mesribles o how u spell it finely a challige . and wore my mcr shrit and teachers got pissy and made me change it and the next hing i see is some one whereing a asking alexanda and hollywood undead shrit
ugggh school...I am not ok (i promise)

more about me

well i need to cach up in science. in 9# so really need the grades . to bad ill most likely be sick half the year. the diesise i have is called niemin pick type c my dream go to much towerds the sun even for me to catch. i whant to sing i opera sing aloung with any songs i just happin to i guess iama superno or however u spell it

my day

well today i just wish it whent better. but mcr helped alot cheers me up when iam sad. and if i misspell stuff just remember iam dissabled in real life so dont make fun of me.