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i got a bass

My bass is waiting for me in layaway. Its almost brand new and its sparkly silver. I AM SERIOUSLY EXCITED. I have a cousin that likes the type of music I listen to and he plays and I might get him to teach me. Ill post a pic when I can.


National MCR Day
July 23rd - National My Chemical Romance Day!!
Hey Everybody.
The Date Is Set.
July 23rd Will From Here On Be Known As Nation My Chemical Romance Day.
That’s Right.
On That Day Do Whatever You Can To Show Your Love For My Chemical Romance.
It Doesn’t Matter What It Is.
You Could:

- Listen To Their Music All Day.
- Talk About Them Non-Stop.
- Have A Party With Friends.
- Have A Drink And Toast To My Chemical Romance.
- Draw A Picture For The Occasion.

Whatever You Feel Like Doing.. DO IT!!
But There Is One Thing We All Must Do.
If You Have Any My Chemical Romance Merch

You can runaway with me anytime you want

So my story is on wattpad and I want you (yes you) to read it comment on it and vote it up

Virtual hugs for those who do

(>*_*)><(°_°<) See

Ripped Jeans

So today I got bored and decided to rip my own jeans. It turned out good I think also my mom will kill me is she finds out good morning or evening or Night whatever time it is where you live its morning here in Indiana and I get to go to a gay party today (it was my friends idea calling it that) basically its a slumber party but theres going to be little kid strangers verses me and the buddies.

she gets so sick of crying

So I'm thinking of posting my story Fire at Will online and I would really like some people to sheck it out first and tell me if I should its the first thing ive ever really wrote so.... please people

Also if you do I will give you virtual hugs.

Welcome to the dark side we have cookies

So I just found out that one of my old friend that I don't talk to much started listening to my kind of music my first thought was welcome to the dark side

Give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill

Its really hard to get me to cry. There's only one thing that's almost guarented (I know I spelt it wrong but I sick at spelling so live with it)( I imagine a mobster saying that) back on track now, that one thing is books with death in them. But I just read one and I'm almost crying.

So now for some randomness

Vendetta is Italian for revenge.

my little brother kicked my face and I bit my lip really bad and it was bleeding. All this was when we were swiming. Which was yesterday and it still hurts like a BEEP.

I'm trying to get my dad to teach me to play guitar.

I think my mom it trying to set

i want this so bad its almost making me cry

Really but my family doesn't have the money for it DAMNIT

Ray Guns and Jazz Hands

Who wants to see my killjoy fanfic

Ray Guns and Jazz Hands

Who wants to see my killjoy fanfic