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My Killjoys Artwork 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sad to heard the band is disband.
I decided to finish what I started 3 years ago....
Here is my 2nd piece of Killjoys Series featuring Mikey Way as Kobra Kid.

Hope can get your guys support~~=)..Hope u all love it~~XD

In this post will content 1 of the Outline version & 1 final outcome.
Share it if you want, just don't forget to credit me and link it back to my deviantart profile.


Go to the link below to view detail version.
My DeviantArt:

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My portfolio:

MCR ROCK!!!!!!

My Killjoys Artwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally love My Chemical Romance new album concept...
bright and sharp color as main theme.....

So, I decided to draw them out...

It will like a series..."Killjoys Series"....

I took 25 hours to finish 1st portrait "Gerard Way".....

Hope can get your guys support~~=)..Hope u all love it~~XD

So this is the outline in illustrator and final artwork...=)

click the link to go to my deviantart profile...can view larger portrait~~=)


MCR doll

this is my latest design~MCR doll~
i know Bob leave MCR already...
but this is when they are Black Parade...=)

Hope them like this~^^
hope u guys like it too~=)

if u hav deviantart account...go to my gallery and favourite it~thx~=)

this is my deviantart gallery:

My Artwork TO MCR!!!^^...

this is the artwork for MCR by me~just do for fun~take more than 6++ hours...^^...
it's all about MCR...MCR perform in the nature~^^...
Hope ur guys love it~
Here is my deviantART gallery...feel free to check it out~
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