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have any of you ever wanted to escape the life that live?

anybody here want to breakaway?
breakaway from the life that you live ..and go to place that makes you truly happy...
i want to ...
no matter how goods thing can get at a time..i still want to breakaway from the life i live and go to place that makes me happy...


i thought it wasnt suppose to be released until october 30th!


"the last 10 years in rock n' roll is been very very difficult to watch, because its just basically turned into a bunch of mc donalds commercials"

i love this video

one of my favorite bands

there music is...... theres no words to describe how amazing there music is!
i love the smashing pumpkins!

? question ?

has anybody ever seen someone like when there out and they see someone ..but you dont know them but the both of you keep looking at each other and its like you've known each other forever but you've never seen that person? and you know there is this connection but you've never seen that person! and that person or you leaves the place and then after that you get sad because you know you will probably never see them again...
has that happened to anybody !!!
its the awesomest thing until that person leaves then your sad....

i love frankenweenie!!

i love this movie!!

i saw Frankenweenie!!

tim burton is honestly so AMAZING!!
its one of his best movies!!

i cried my eyes out at lunch!!!!

i had pizza thrown at me and an orange thrown at me and it messed up my t-shirt and my homework.... i havent cried that much in a while..
and i was sitting bymyself and i know the person who threw the pizza saw me bymeslf and threw it straight at me....
my t-shirt had pizza sauce on it and so did my hair...
i hate high school :"(

The land of the dead is more alive then the land of the living!!

i love the concept!!
i LOVE tim burton!!

anybody LOVE the smashing pumpkins?

i LOVE them!!