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I think I can call it Poem!

Oh my agony
The doctor says that I need more therapy

I'm totally insane
And you're the one that I blame

You washed my brain
And now I'm not the same

I gave up on my life
with just one knife

Hope you guys like it! It's the first "poem" that I post online!



Well, Hi, this is my first post, I don't know what to say, hahahaha. I'm really bad with this things. Well, I'm trying to meet people that share the same love on My Chem that me. I met my BFF because of the band, so I have so much to thank to this band, they saved my life too. And now, I'm trying to form a band too, but I don't have friends that want to join to me, so, I just have to wait for meet the right persons to form a band with me!