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Happy birthday Gee!!!! Thank you by everything! Hope you have an awesome day!

1 Year :(

"Beyond Any Sadness, What I Most Feel Is Pride"

Was with that words that on this day, on the past year, that I discovered that something was wrong. I was right, my favorite band, the band that saved my life broke up.I can't accept that they broke up and I can't understand exactly what happened to a big band like that to break up suddently.They informed their split with just a paragraph, was cold and distant, really different of the way they treat us (their fans). Like in one minute they were talking a new album and in the other minute the band informed that they broke up.


Hi everybody! It's been a long since I posted something. hahaha
Well today, to me, was a begining of a new era. Finally I faced a big fear and I won! I'm so happy!!!! hahahahahahaha
And now I'm free and I'm fearless! Well, hope everyone here are having a great day, or had a great day. Hahahahahahaha
And I leave here an advise, if anyone have any fear, just face it, you're bigger than your fear.
Good Vibes to everyone here! *HUG*


Have been a long time since I posted something. Well I just hope everyone is fine!



Even if the sky is grey, Hope everyone are having a great day!!!! *HUG*
I send Good Vibes to everyone!!!! Hahahahahahaha



Good Sunday to Everyone! *HUG*



Happy Saturday everyone! *HUG*



Well I love draw! I drawed this drawing a long time ago, is probably my favorite ever! Hahahahahahah
I enjoyed so much make it and I loved the result! Hope you guys like it too!



I'm without inspiration today. Well, I just hope everyone had a great week! And I hope too that everyone start the weekend in a awesome way! *HUG*


A Poem To The Dead

The red roses in my grave
Where I'm finally feeling save

The brown eyes that I lost
And I used to love the most

Now I’m free of your lies
And I will close my vacant eyes

With this poem to the dead
Now you can go ahead

Well I don't like this poem, but was written with my heart and soul! Hope you guys enjoy it!