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Long time ago, Love.

Hi Guys!
It has been long since the last time I wrote something here. 2 years to be honest. Right now, I'm in my boyfriend's room, listening to Burn Bright. I miss MCR so much. I really do. It was two years ago I met them now. Haha, the time goes so fast..

Now I've got my own band too. It's called "Vänta till Våren", which means "Wait 'til the spring" in Swedish. We're okay.

Love you guys and I miss you so bad...


I'm holding the tickets for the My Chemical Romance show in Stockholm in my hands!!!!! Freakyfreakyfreak! <3


You know, i was to young to go to the consert in 2007 :/ BUT NOW!

See you there, goodlookings!

love, peace and care.

in memory of the World Trade Center.

My blog:

- a blog about hating blogs (:


*talking very calm*Hey guys,
now, just as I really wanted *oversized smile*


Okay, bye (:

Shall I panic, or shall I panic?! o.o

uhm, eh.. hello o.o *looking nervous*
I have some troubles.
oh.. crap.
My won't get updates !!!! :O:O:O I'm panicing.¨


Depressing Motherf*ckers...

I think I'm going to die.. Everyone left me..
I don't know what to do.. But really comforts me when I need it alt+3

That's a support (:

Okay, this was my day:
When I woke up I called my friend and asked her if she wanted to go to the beach, and later sleep at my place, so we could watch some movies. But after I'd been waiting all motherf*cking day, and sending loads of sms's to her, she called me. She said "I can't come over to your place tonight.."
I mean.. I'd been waiting all day!? What sort of a friend do act like that? D:

It really made me sad D:

And now, I'm just

I hate birds -.-

Hello guys! :D
Today was eerrrr... GREAT!
Until I was going to swim.

Okay, here's the thing:
I was on Ölands Djurpark, and everything was 100% FUN 8D
Until I was going to the waterworld -.-

I was in the changing room, and one of my most loved things, my My-Chemical-Romance-Bag, was lieing beside me. And I was changing clothes, and when I was done, I were on my way to the water.
but BAM!
There I was. Angry as h*ll.
When I was in the changing room a BIRD had POOPED on my LOVED BAG!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!
Omg. KILL ME!.
I was (and I still am) mad. I just say 2 things to you:
1: I HATE birds.

School, school and f*cking-more school -.-'

As the title.
School, school and f*cking-more school -.-'
I'm bored, and next lesson starts within 10 minutes.
Don't ya all just LOVE it -.-


That's it.

And yesterday, i coloured my hair again. NO DIFFERENCE!!?

waah, f*ck it.

Summer-depressed? o.o

Okay, Hi guys.
This may sound wierd, but ... I think i'm summer-depressed o.o
Can you be summer-depressed? o.o
I feel so stupid.
But I still hate blogs.
I'm like... like... I think I've just got 1 real friend... The other ones is like.. not so close :/ That's fucking depressive.

but now I gotta go. I've nothing to do('cause I've got no life), so I'm going to read old MCR entries. Again.