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DemolitioNutter's blog

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Hey guys!

It's been a while since I've drawn or posted anything but hEY LoOK I DID A THiNG!!


You might of seen it, I'm not sure... but anyways here you go :D

To Every Enemy's killkoy :)

Ok, so here you go! :)

And I did the killjoy symbol things too sooo yea


I'm getting into comics but ive only read a few hellboys :( any suggestions as to what i should look out for and read? i'm an open person so i'd be happy with anything :) much appreciated

Science-y things

I'm bored and i have an eagerness to learn interesting things...can anyone explain string theory in a simple way??


Which one??? If any... :/


its not too good (i dont think) and he doesnt have a head...

Killjoy name!!!

ok, so ive drawn this killjoy and i really need a kickass name but all the ones ive come up with aren't quite right :/ my best is Macabre Cadaver but it doesnt fit his personality.... any help would be GREAT :D


HIYA!!, YEAH, ITS MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! anyone else; ignore this -_-

Here you go... :)

OK, its the middle of the night and i'm really REALLY bored so I decided to post my first bloggy thingy!!! Yay!! so here you go :) anyways my girlfriend has decided to become a veggie and i want to help her as much as any advice on being vegetarian would go down a treat!

Ok, and thats all really, see ya round!!