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Frankie ^-^

HA! XD someone send me this picture of Frank x] felt like sharing it ;) haha.. hope you like it ;p

New Toaster! XD

Kon'nichiwa :D haha okay maybe I just sound stupid right now but I finally got a new toaster! my old one uh.. died (don't ask how -.- I didn't know It would die if you do that to him..) BUT my friend don't trust me with my toaster! she thinks I will put a fork in it or something >.< and I don't know why she thinks that! XD hehe.. and look! Mikey has a toaster!! XD hahahaaa ----->
(o god I sound so stupid right now XD..)

Vampire question!.. XD

Kon'nichiwa to the person who read this XD (okay >.<..) I have a VAMPIRE question XD and here is the question: why can't vampires against sunlight? they burn and turn into ashes I know that, but WHY? o.0 please somebody tell me TT.TT haha XD (the picture... isn't he cute ^-^ haha)


0.0 o my blood I'm gonna die.. I have religion homework and I DON'T KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO WRITE!! I have 10 questions and I don't even know one >.< mehh.. someone help me please TT.TT look at those questions!! how do I have to know that! 0.0
1. Put the following words in the correct order: Abraham - Jordan - Red Sea - move away from Egypt - Jericho - Exodus - Famine - Isaac - Moses - 10 plagues - Joshua - Jacob - 10 commandments - Passover - Slavery - burning bush.
2. did Moses entered the Promised Land after the liberation from Egypt reached? Why?
3. Where is Moses buried?
4. What was the name

Homework for today...

Listen to music XD I mean it that's my homework.. haha my teacher is great ^-^

haha awesome ^-^

Soooo... I've just come to the site and then I saw MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE THANK YOU. I thought 0.0 where did that just come from!!! and then I thought :O awesome XD hahahaaa.. so have anyone noticed that? (o my blood stupid question, of course you have noticed that >.<)

COOKIES!!! ^-^

Kon'nichiwa!! ^-^ I just want to say I LOVE COOKIES!! XD they just taste so god damn good ^-^ mmmm cookies ^-^ sooo... does anyone here like cookies? XD (okay.. I know.. I'm weird XD.. hehe)

Books ^-^

Kon'nichiwa!! ^-^ how is everyone here? >.< okay.. uhmm.. does anyone know a good/great book? XD I need a book for school -.- It has to be an english book ^-^ PLEASE someone help me TT.TT

Horror Movies

Kon'nichiwa! XD does anyone here love horror movies? or know a good horror movie?

haha I'm so happy XD

Today I saw my best friend again, after almost a month :D she went to Korea to visit her family, and she bought a skull necklace for me! :) AND she had a poster of Gerard! for me!! haha so happy :D thank you JiYoung!!!