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what time is it?

how does it look?


like what I made?

Sheriff Gerard plushie body

how does it look so far?

Mikey Way Danger Days Plushie

he's finally done!
do you guys think it looks a little?
does he look good?
xoxo frankie

Mikey Way Danger Days Plushie Body

What do you guys think?
does it look like it? I'm now working on his head.. but how does it look so far?

MCR plushies

until now I only made Gerard and Frank in revenge style.
it's the first time I ever make something like this ^^ Gerard was the first I made
do you guys think it looks good?
xoxo frankie

I made a poem

Click on the picture. please tell me what you think of it. is it good?
The Black Parade poem
xoxo frankie

Hunting chapter 1

A scream. My mother's scream came from downstairs and I ran out my room to her. "Mommy! Why are you screaming?" I asked and walked into the kitchen. There she was. A tall man was holding her limp body. The man looked over at me and smiled. Blood covered his mouth and his fangs where shining in the light of the lamp. I looked in horror at him, who was this guy? What happened to my mother? The guy walked over to me and dropped the lifeless body of my mother on the ground. I stepped backwards but the man was suddenly behind me. I could feel his breath in my neck.

"You smell so delicious.. even

Every Snowflake Is Different!! WATCH!!

Believe me you have to see it! ^^
my chemical romance on Yo Gabba Gabba with Every Snowflake Is Different :D
look at Frank at the end and Ray is just the whole time smiling^^

MCR Horoscope...

just found this... I'm Jet Star :D woo Ray!!!