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FOB Tomorrow :)

You guys know that Fall Out Boy concert in Sydney I posted about a few weeks ago? Well, it's tomorrow night and I am so excited :D

I'm not sure if anyone else here is going, but I've seen there's a few people on tumblr that are. I'm thinking of writing my tumblr/mcr used (defidancefm) on my arm or something, so maybe then I might be able to find anyone from tumblr. That might be kind of dicky though, so maybe not...

FOB are doing a signing in Sydney tonight aswell. I asked my mum if I can go.

Untitled, Useless Post.

It's supposed to reach about 39°c. As if school couldn't be anymore uncomfortable as it already is... I'm stuck in geography and I've nearly ran out of drink. Luckily I'm next to the window, so there's like the slightest of breezes every five minutes. I'm listening to Pretty. Odd. (mainly Northern Downpour because I've had an obsession with that song lately) and trying to relax...

Anyway, my dad called last night and apparently the MCR Killjoy shirt & bag I ordered online about 8 weeks ago arrived on Tuesday... all the way from Belgium of all places.

My First Concert is Coming Up Soon...

Ah, well, this is a kind of pointless post but I just thought I should write one. I'll be going to my first ever concert in a little over a month, and I'm EXCITED :D It's a Fall Out Boy concert. They're only doing 4 concerts here in Australia - one in Sydney, one in Melbourne, one in Brisbane and one in Adelaide - and I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Sydney concert. Concert tickets are pretty expensive though. FOB tickets were about $92 just for one bloomin' ticket, and it's not like they're front row tickets or anything.

I Don't Wan't To Make It, I Just Wanna...

Hey, I'm Rosie. Not sure what to write, really, so just saying hello to everyone for now :)