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Bored at school

1. Any scars? Many physical and many emotional
2. Crush? Yes
3. Kissed anyone? No
4. Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi
5. Someone you hate? Lots of people
6. Best friends? One or two among all these fake and deceiving friends.
7. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? Yes
8. What's your dream job? Event Planner
9. Ever been in love? Yes
10. Last time you cried? Yesterday
11. Favourite color? Black, dark blue, dark purple, blood red, foggy gray
12. Height? 5'5"
13. Birthday? July 27th
14. Eye colour? Blue
15. Hair colour? Blonde, naturally
16. What do you love?

Sometimes People Die Unknown By People Close To Them

So I just found out today that one of my employees at the place I work with was in a car crash recently and did not survive it. I may not have known her very much but it is a very sad thing when someone you just meet becomes gone like this out of nowhere. I blame the weather recently and all the fog we have had around where I live and where we work. The fog can become very bad and very life threatening so if it is not too much to ask of some of you, I have a small favor. Can someone create a poem about this topic for me?

Life is so Complex

Here I am again, but this time I want to open up and vent my opinion of the hardest and most complex topic in the world, that would be life. Life has its ups and it downs, from being on top of the world to staring into space, trying tom figure out how to make the pain and misery go away. To me I must admit that I have been to both extremes, down to the very bottom more than once I must admit, especially recently. I try to do everything right in life, but the problem with that is that it only makes life worse for me.

My Chemical Romance vs. Hinder

This is my first blog on this website so I hope it goes as well as I plan it to. My dilemma now is that I am a big fan of Hinder while only just starting to like My Chemical Romance. I have noticed many big differences in the style and rhythm of the songs, but truthfully I can't decide if they both are my style of music. Music is supposed to be enjoyable in many ways instead of just listening to it. Here are my similarities and differences of both bands:

(D) Hinder's songs are easy to figure out the meaning of while My Chemical Romance is a bit more intricate and complicated to figure out.