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help on the MCRmy?
I was just wondering what the MCRmy was. I mean I've heard it from tons of people on the internet, but i want to know exactly what it is and how you can join. Does anyone know?
Loaded: MCR
I just finished watching Fuse's episode of Loaded:My chemical romance edition. I was expecting the same videos that always play to come on, but then suddenly a completely amazing and fantastic live performance of Mama came on and I absolutely loved it!!! I kept watching it over and over lol. Then Honey This Mirror...came on and so did Desolation row. I luckily recorded this episode and I swear if it ever gets deleted I will be freaking Pissed!!! MCR does some of the best live performances I've ever seen.
Dancing ("Teenagers" freaking kicks ass!!)
Wow! Dancing takes a LOT out of you. On friday I went to the Homecoming dance at my school. (After freezin for about 3 hours at a fricking football game! Had to play for band at our homecoming football game and stay til the end cuz the dance was after the game) The dance was from 9-midnight. After like the first hour me and my friends' legs were just KILLING us! but we danced the rest of the night anyways. Tons of fun that was worth the pain. Then yesterday, I danced even more when I went to my friend's Sweet 16 birthday party. That was from 6:30-ten.
MCR is the best!!
well, i've never blogged before, but now that i have the best subject in the world to blog about, i think I will. :) This band is one of the greatest bands i've ever had the pleasure of knowing. They're one of my favorites, and I've only known them for about 3 months, I know that would make people think i'm not a real fan, but I didn't become a fan cuz they're "popular". I became a fan because their music is fantastic and inspiring, and amazing, and every other great positive word you can think of. This site just made my life a whole lot better.