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Horrible horrible study Hall
Oh my god!!!! I'm going crazy in Study Hall at school. An hour. Stupid kid in that class has to bring in his Ipod to play for the whole class. EVERY DAY! and it's always country. I'm sorry to anybody that likes it, but I hate it so much. This drives me absolutely crazy!!! I was getting so angry. and then Hey There Delilah came on which I like and I felt relieved, but then he gets up and skips it! ugh!!!!! This just made me so mad.
Just For Fun Poll
Hey all you MCR fans...I was wondering how many of you are also Bowling For Soup fans? They're one of my other top favorite bands and I just wanted to know if there were any fellow BFS fans. and if you are one who's your favorite member and what's your favorite song by them? Me-I love Jaret and Erik, my fav. song is Much More Beautiful Person.
In need of a Frank Pic!!
I was wondering if anyone could post or send me a link of a really good close up pic of Frank with the X's on his eyes. Cuz I'm pretty sure my friend's gonna have a Halloween party and I don't have a costume, so I figured I'd dress up like Frank cuz it's his B-day :) and I want to do the X's right. Thanks!!
I blog a lot about MCR songs but, oh well, that's the point of this site isn't it? lol :D Well I have some of their attic demos on my ipod and as I was listening to them, I realized that I really like them a lot. When you listen to them it's almost like it's live and that Gee's right there next to you and you can hear what he really sounds like instead of having all the studio effects. I mean his voice is great live and in the studio versions, but this is just...more real. If you can sound good without studio effects then those are signs that you're a good singer. I just love them.
Astro zombies
I was just wondering if anybody else heard MCR's cover of this Misfits song (astro zombies). I freaking Love it!!! Great cover. (never heard the original lol)
I went and saw it today and it was really good. A little gory-er than I expected but that just made it funnier. I wanna go watch it again lol. I love Woody Harrelson (main character w/cowboy hat). He's a really good actor. That's all. :)
Question!! Racoon society Mikey guest stars!!
Does anybody know what day and time this airs? I don't follow the show! I just don't want to miss it.
new song Stay
Does anybody know about MCR's song Stay? I thought it was a new song that was gonna be on their new album, cuz I have a live version and I'm dying to hear the studio version, but someone said that song is already on their black parade is dead album. (that's the one album I don't have)
Some of my Gee drawings!
Here's some of my drawings of Gee! Hope you like them!
Post drawings!
Hey! I love drawing pics of these guys they're just so fun to draw. and once I get the time to, i'll post some of mine. But I like seeing different people's drawings of them too, so please post your drawings if you have any. I'd love to see them!