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Happy Birthday Frank!!! (drawing)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MR. FRANK IERO!!! here's a pic I drew of him awhile ago.
Bob!!! (currently drawing)
I'm drawing bob right now and I'm almost done!! My best friend absolutely loves Bob, so I decided i'm gonna draw him and then maybe give her the drawing as part of a christmas present. :) I have to say it's going pretty well. Except for the facial hair. Why is that always so hard to draw?!! I'll post it when i'm done :)
yay! Wore Frank costume today!
I wore it to school today and nobody knew who I was lol. Two people asked me if I was a nazi, one of them said I looked like a dead Hitler lol. I don't think anybody at my school truly knows who MCR is. Oh well. It was pretty cool. Then I came home today, fixed up the X's on my eyes and added my red hair spray and took pictures to send into the contest! Now I've taken a shower and washed off all the makeup and now my eyes really sting! That's All!!! Hope everyone has a Happy Ieroween tomorrow!!! p.s.
Hi I'm Frank Iero!! Just kidding! I just look like him!!
I'm in my full body Frank outfit ready to wear it to school today! (I'm a girl by the way) I kinda messed up the X's over my eyes but i did the Halloween "tattoo" pretty darn well. Yay! The only thing i'm missing is the red hair spray. I'm gonna use that in my photo i submit to the contest. I have a feeling my teachers are gonna look at me weird for the X's but oh well, I'm having fun impersonating Frank! Me and my best friend are gonna be pretty much the only ones dressing up in our grade.
Yay! Halloween costume ready! (Frank would be so happy! lol)
Well I've got everything I need for my Frank costume. And I made it as exact as I can. Even went out and bought red hairspray to color parts of my hair red (which is probably gonna be the one thing I mess up on :P :) ). I'm hoping that the more exact I am the better chances I have at being one of the winners of the contest. Alas there's probably hundreds who've already submitted their pics. Oh well it'll be fun just to dress up like Frank anyways! I wanna pay tribute to him for being the awesome person that he is! It's gonna be a fun Ieroween! :D
WTF?! NO MCR??!!
Ok. We all know that MCR was nominated for Desolation Row for "Best song for sci-fi movie" or something like that for the Scream Awards. Well I just watched the Scream Awards 2009 last night, and they didn't even mention that category!! I even recorded it expected to see who won...but no, Did I miss it or is it gonna be on the next Scream Awards?
Need someone to confirm this (about a Frank costume)
Does anybody know: When Frank wears his Revenge era outfit with the white button up shirt, does he roll up his sleeves? And if he does how far? Past the wrist? To the Elbow? I want to do this costume right. I saw in one pic he had one sleeve partly rolled up a little past the wrist, but the other sleeve was all the way down! I want to know if it's either up or down. Thanks! :)
Favorite Singers
I was watching the I Don't Love You music video for the umpteenth time and it just made me want to list my top 10 favorite singers cuz he sings so beautifully in that song. So here: 1. GERARD WAY (of course, for: amazing vocals, awesome facial expressions/hand gestures/dance moves, passion) 2. Tommy Shaw (of STYX. One of the best background vocalists and lead singers.) 3. Steve Perry (of Journey. Reaches high notes like nobody else) 4. Declan Galbraith (solo artist. Mainly does covers of old songs, but he is an amazing child singer. started at age 4, been singing ever since.
Grrr....This is not fair
This sucks. My mom won't let me get a twitter. She says I don't need all these social networking accounts. I only have this MCR one and Facebook!! The only reason I want a twitter is because some people I subscribe to on Youtube are trying for certain contests and to help them win you can choose to follow them on twitter. I want to support them and do that so they have one step closer towards winning. Plus I just want to follow some people. Grrr..It's just not Fair. Do you guys ever get mad at stuff like this?
Paranormal Activity is Fucking Scary as SHit!!!
I don't know if anybody else watched it, but it literally has scarred me for life. I am not one for scary movies. Especially in theatres. The scariest movie I ever saw in a theatre was 30 Days of Night and that wasn't even scary. Plus this was on the biggest screen at the theatre. Like the Mega Screen. It was just me and one of my friends and she watches horror movies all the time, but she said she had never been that scared during a movie before. She actually screamed while we were there. (I just kept covering my eyes) But the movie is just awful.