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hmm...I was wondering..
Would anybody want to see any powepoints I made? That's the only thing I spend my time But they're really long, so if you like looking at billions of MCR pics, then please tell me! Once I figure out how to actually get them on here. I might have to email them to some.
Yay! Mikael updated on the contest!!!!
Oh my god! The band is literally looking at our pics right now!!! I'm so excited!! Even though I'm not gonna be one of the winners, i just really want to see the winning costumes!!!
Yay! Ray updated on contest!
Yay! Ray just said that they narrowed the contest down to 10 contestants! We're so close to knowing!!!
My Costume contest pics! (Frankie)
These are the 3 pics I took and sent into the contest. Pretty sure they're not winners, but oh well, still had fun dressing up and wearing the outfit to school. Contents: 1.White button up shirt 2. Red felt (home-made) tie 3. Black/red makeup 4. Halloween "tattoo" on hands (exactly as Frank's :)) 5. Red Hair spray 6. Pink belt 7. Black Pants 8. Black sneakers 9. Red fingerless gloves Tell me what you think!
Is having too much time on your hands really so bad?
Everybody complains that I have too much time on my hands. I spend my days practically always doing something MCR related, and one of my favorite things to do is make powerpoints. I've made: a 162 slide powerpoint of Gerard, a 756 slide powerpoint of Frank, Gerard, Frerard, including 10 slides for Mikey, and 5 slides for Bob's quotes, a 167 slide powerpoint of the band as a whole including 5 slides with little moving pics of Gerard, and a 229 slide powerpoint of cartoon and animated pics of the band/members.
Oh my god...WHEN???
Are they ever gonna release the results to the contest? It feels like it's taking forever!!!
any deviant art members out there?
ok, one of my favorite websites is I love looking at all the drawings, cuz I like to draw too. I haven't made an account on there, though I'd like to. But if you have a deviant art account I'd love to check out your work. Just post your account link. Maybe I'll get an account soon! Also to all users on deviant art, I give out a big thank you, because I draw many of the pics on there, and use the pics for powerpoints that I make. So thank you all!
Wow...just wow...There isn't just one word you can use to describe Gerard unless that word is PERFECT! I don't know if I can fully explain just how truly wonderful this man is (or how much he means to me). First of all, yes I know he's just an average person, but he's such an amazingly, interesting, entertaining, average person. Just looking at a picture of him warms your heart and erases your worst days. Manages to make you smile even if just a little smirk. If you listen to his interviews, he speaks right from the heart and tells it like it is.
Check out my MCR drawings gallery!
I just put this up on Youtube. It's a collection of all my MCR drawings! I want to thank because I get many of my pictures from there. check it out!
Bob Drawing!
This is the drawing of bob for my friend that i said i'd post