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kinda messed up Gerard dream. (anybody else have MCR dreams?)
Ha! I had a dream about Gerard back in July right after I had just barely gotten into MCR, and before I had fallen asleep, I had just been staring at the different Gerard pics on my phone. Well that helped and gave me a dream lol. Now I do this thing where I write down like the important/great dreams I have, so I'm gonna write exactly how I have it written in my notebook.
MCR's smiles! :D (and videos)
I've noticed that Ray has a really nice smile! and Bob's is goofy but awesome! Also, there's a little spot in this video where Ray does an awesome smile! And Bob does a shy smile in the second video! Times: Ray's 0:35-0:37 (not to mention Gerard's wonderful smile at 0:32!) Bob's 0:35-0:37 weird, ray's and bob's are at the same time lol. p.s. These are two of my favorite live performances. Especially the second one! Enjoy!!
To fans! MCR (favorites) question!
I was bored, and listening to MCR on my way to school today, and I thought hmm...I wonder what everyone's favorite cover's are that MCR does, so I want you to tell me your favorite MCR covers in order from most favorite to least favorite: Here's all the covers I know of: 1. All I want for X-mas is you 2. Fortunate son (little clip) 3. Song 2 ? 4. Jack The Ripper 5. Astro Zombies 6. Umbrella (little clip) 7. Under Pressure (with the Used) Mine: 1. Under Pressure 2. All I Want For X-mas Is You 3. Astro Zombies 4. Umbrella 5. Song 2 6. Fortunate Son 7. Jack the Ripper can't wait to hear your
In my free time during band...(drawing...collage)
Yea I get bored easily in band, and last year I doodled over my folder, so I thought let's do it this year too. Only this year I'm into MCR and so that's all that was ever on my mind! And so I started just writing everything associated with MCR. First it started out with just my favorite songs, then I started adding the rest of the songs, and then I even added names, nicknames, and their pets' names. lol.
Do you ever feel....
Do you ever feel angry, like so angry you just don't want to talk to anyone,.....but you don't know why? This happens to me A LOT i'll just randomly end up in a crappy mood, absolutely not knowing why, and then I just yell at people. Mainly my parents and my brother. I guess, I think, something really small yet bothersome gets to me and it just sets something off later. I don't know. Just wondering if anybody else ever gets like this.
Question (advice)
Does anybody else have a problem talking to their teachers? I know a lot of people will just say "JUST TALK TO THEM!" but I have this fear of talking to my teachers one on one, face to face. But I really want to ask my study hall teacher if I can bring in my ipod, cuz a stupid classmate brings his in and plays COUNTRY out loud for every one to hear every day for a full hour, and I just can't take it anymore!!! But if he says no, then I'll go crazy by the end of the year!!! What to do???!!!
VIDEO!! (interview of Gerard and Frank)
I really like this interview, and especially part 3, cuz Gerard gets distracted for a second by someone holding up a sign outside the building! It's so funny! Well to me..hope you like it! F.Y.I.---the funny part is at about 1:30 in the 3rd part of the interview. PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 Hope you like!!!
Ok, (hahaha) I just HAD to share this!!
I remember when I first saw this picture, the instant I looked at Frank, I started laughing SOOOO hard. It's not THAT funny, but for some reason I thought it was! lol. Now reminiscing over it, I realized I had to share with other MCR/Frank lovers!
Very sad...:(
I was happy at first when I had posted an earlier blog asking people if they wanted to see the powerpoints I made, and I was excited that people DID want to see them....but now i'm sad, cuz I just cannot find anyway to get them available for people to see! I was gonna email them to people, but it's too large, so I tried making it into a webpage, but when I go to load it, it just won't load! Does anybody know how I can post these extremely large powerpoints?! Please help!!
ha I found this while looking up Gerard pics!
I thought it was so funny considering how much I love their little bit of Umbrella! (If you can't read the writing it says: Gerard Taught Rhianna how to sing Umbrella) HAHAHAH!!! XD