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A Random Question
Does anybody else have certain song, or one certain person's voice, that you just love to crank until you lose yourself in just that voice? I've realized that recently. There's a child singer that I like (17 right now) who did a song when he was like 15 and his voice was like really clear and he could hit high notes (puberty sucks! But I still love him!) and OMG I just love it. His voice is soothing and just peaceful to me. I could post his little music video for it......but I'm afraid someone that watches it won't like it and well make some rude comment that they think he's gay.
i have a school band concert tonight and i really don't feel like going....oh well. we're playing two Beatles songs: Hey Jude and Elinor Rigby. Then in another group we're playing Night Train and Rock Around the Clock. Fun!...not... Plus i sit directly in the middle of the front row for my second group, cuz I'm a flute player, and there's only two of us! In the first group there's 7 of us :)
Just a Random music blog :) (with a bonus video!)
Well, I've been watching a recording of Fuse's #1 countdown (viewer's choice) for top 10 videos of the year/week? i think year...anyways...I'm realizing that i'm missing out on a lot of good music! I saw East Jesus Nowhere by Green Day, Crash Love by AFI (Davey Havok has really changed his look since I last saw him), Break by Three Days Grace, surprisingly Fireflies from Owl City (i'm just surprised he has a video on a major music channel already. That's REALLY fast!), some other ones too.
FED UP!! (with parents!)
I'm just completely miserable in my family. I've been arguing more and more with my parents and my brother. My mom just told me she wants all the passwords to all the sites I use to "check up" on me because I'm on the websites too much and she thinks I'm doing something. She's even gonna start limiting my computer time. This sucks! I was so happy that this site came up, but now I'm upset, since I like it so much, i'm on everyday keeping up with people's blogs and just commenting, and now I'm being limited! It's not fair!
Who here like these cookies? I absolutely LOVE them! Very addicting!
HOLY CRAP!!! (mind has been blown!)
I've just been watching as many Venganza performances on Youtube as I can, and my mind has literally been blown away by it....I can't believe how amazing the performances are. I'm absolutely in love with the Venganza concert....I mean I know that sounds incredibly stupid...but I've never gotten this EXCITED over a youtube video...especially of something live. I used to hate live performances by bands cuz I didn't like the sound, but I realized that that's the true sound of a band...and it's amazing.
it's Alicia Way's B-day!
Well i just saw on mikey's Twitter that it's Alicia's Birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICIA!!! :D
Random question! For fun!
What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened at your school? I was just thinking about it and thought I'd see what other's had to say. The weirdest thing that happened at my school was that while we were doing an American Idol type show at our school. We've done it for about 3 years so...yea stupid. Anyways the weird thing was that while the person who I was positive would win was singing, a retarded senior who wasn't going to walk with his class in graduation anyways came STREAKING through the auditorium with only a scream mask on and ran out the side door to the outside.
Does anybody like these bands (gee and frank drawing)
I just wanted to know if anybody else likes these bands, cuz I've ready a lot of others' favorite bands, and I don't have many in common, so I feel like I'm kind of an outsider cuz nobody's mentioned most of the ones i like. Well these are some of my favs. Hope others like them too: 1.The Who 2. Bowling For Soup 3. Matchbox 20/Rob Thomas solo 4. The Offspring 5. Journey 6. The Presidents of the United States 7. Basshunter 8. .38 special 9. Queensryche 10. Styx 11. Teddy Geiger Hope you also liked my Frank and Gee drawing!
Gerard dream part 2
Okay.. I saw this little kid in the parking lot that looked a lot like the little brother from speedracer. (if you've seen the movie). I asked him if he knew where Gee was and the kid just said that he thought they went inside cuz it had started raining. I was with my mom and dad, but I was running ahead, cuz I desperately wanted to find Gerard. I couldn't find him outside, so I went inside the building with my parents. The hallways looked like hallways at a movie theater.