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My Chem article in Rolling Stone magazine!! READ IT HERE!!!
Ha! I just got my Rolling Stone magazine out of the mailbox and brought it in the house, and in the first few pages I saw that there's an article about My Chem!!! woo! I haven't even read it yet! It's titled Stripped Down, Cranked Up. Yay! I'm so excited!!! hmmm....I think i'll type the article right now since it's only half a page lol. Then others can read it. Early in the recording of My Chemical Romance's fourth album, the band gave mixer Rich Costey a preview.
food addictions anyone?
Do you have a food you are greatly addicted to? cuz I'm come to realize I do. mine: Dr. Pepper, tic tacs (orange kind mainly), and pasta! Whenever I get a pack of tic tacs, I usually eat the whole container in one day. Like right now I JUST finished a small pack of white tic tacs, but whenever I can I get the large orange ones and finish those in a day. Not healthy I know along with the Dr. Pepper, but that's where the pasta comes in!! :D so...what are YOUR food addictions?
I've already been on a bender and it shows so why don't ya..
I noticed that everytime they perform The Sharpest Lives live, Gee never says "A kiss before she goes" He always says "so why don't ya blow me?" and then says like Jump or something. In every live performance of that song that i've seen, he's never said "a kiss before she goes". I think he does this as a joke, but i don't know. What do you guys think?
talk anybody? I'm so bored....
I am absolutely bored out of my mind just listening to music...I did draw a pic which I was gonna put online but my mom's stupid camera just HAD to be no art today :( anybody want to chat about anything?
random question
I was randomly looking at pics of my favorite animal. I want to know what your favorite animal is. Mine: FOX they're so cute!!! What's Yours?
Am I the only one that does this?
whenever I see the Helena video, I do the hand gestures along with Gee....cuz I kinda have them memorized...Am I just a dork or do others do this as well? lol :D
MCR Loaded
can't believe I'm still awake. This show how desperate I am for a large ipod with lots of music! I've been on the computer ALL DAY LONG switching my ipod with my mom's for more space and getting more music. and right now I'm watching Loaded: My Chemical Romance on Fuse. Just where they show a bunch of their music videos for 30 mins. :D
does anybody ever watch the show "1,000 ways to Die"? Holy crap that shows weird. I'm recording the series though lol. But some of these things are just like soooo strange! For those who haven't seen it, it's a show where they re-enact the most strange but real deaths that have happened. For those who HAVE seen it, which death was most interesting/unique to you? mine: A coach was teaching a class of 7 or 8 kids how to throw javelins. One student threw theirs and the coach went to retrieve it.
Green Day
Well I've been watching the Green Day Chronicles on Fuse, and I have to say, their videos are awesome. I've been a fan of them since their album Dookie. So I was watching Basket Case which is one of my favorite songs by them, and in the video, it really shows Billie's BRIGHT Green Then they showed the American Idiot video and I was just like "Wow, this brings back memories" I remember when it was first on TV man...but I have to say that is one funny video. Anyways...I was wondering if anyone's like a fan of their old off Nimrod...or Dookie?
what's the best song to...
What would you guys recommend is the best song (preferably MCR song :D) to listen to when you're really sad. I've just been having a terrible day. First: fighting with my bro this morning. He's so freakin' nosy about what I do on the computer, and he tried to make an account on here so he could "chat with me". He ended up just signing up on mcr's mail list cuz he thought that's how you sign up! Ha!