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I've got my work cut out for me

I usually have a terrible time deciding what to draw, but not anymore. There's a kid in my class, who has asked me to draw him tons of pictures. lol. This is what i've done so far:

(I have this one original thing I do where I draw miny versions of people)
(little background info for the first drawing, his "used-to-be" arch enemy was my best friend whom he would constantly call Joe. This has gone on since 6th grade (now 10th), and he just likes to pick on her, but they are friends)

1. a mini him pointing at my friend calling her Joe, and having her chasing him with a knife (don't ask)
2. a


man! ok here's the totally unfair story of why I'm pissed.

ok, well I have a speech class and right now we're working on persuasive speeches which are rather hard and confusing. Well, yesterday, my teacher said "I'm gonna post the sign up sheets on my door after school, so those of you that take the initiative will go first." That was during 6th hour. Well my 7th hour class is right next door, so we had a better chance of signing up first. Plus we had a nice sub in 7th hour, so she let us wait outside the speech room door. There were 9 of us waiting.

New decision

Today I just felt like wearing all black, so I wore black shoes, black pants, a black The Who t-shirt, and my the Black Parade is dead sweatshirt. I've decided that I'm gonna wear this sweatshirt every Friday. I've done it for like the past 3 or 4 weeks, so I think I'm gonna stick with it lol.

Under Pressure debate...

Well, I've noticed that there's a big controversy on the web (mainly youtube) on whether MCR's cover or Queen and Bowie's original is better. I was wondering what others thought. (kind of not the fairest of debates considering this is a site chock FULL of MCR fans lol) Feel free to post your honest opinion, but NO DISSING OTHERS FOR THEIR OPINIONS!!!! I'd like to keep peace on this blog.

Here's my opinion:

I absolutely LOVE mcr's cover of it! (but I will admit, i listened to the cover first). I have heard the original though, and I just don't like it as much.


I'm posting this again, cuz I felt like only one person saw it last time. Please'll make me very happy...thanks!! :D

MCR doodle/poster thingy I drew

I drew this throughout the day in school today, and man did my hands get inked up with different colors!!! It was fun though and I like how it turned out :)

Tell me what you think! :D


I'm diggin' this new site! Especially the fact that now you can send messages! Sweet!

Quiz cuz I'm bored :D
ONE - Lls Pg TWO - Are you single? Yes THREE - Whats your favorite number? 8 or clue why though FOUR - What color do you wear most? BLUE FIVE - Least favorite color? Gray, Orange, or very pukey color green (ex. August birthstone, I hate having it!) SIX - Favorite candy? Jolly Ranchers SEVEN - What do you smoke? I don't smoke and I'm never going least that's my goal EIGHT - Are you happy with your life right now? It's not horrible...would be a million times better if my older brother would MOVE OUT!! NINE - Anyone ever said you resemble a celebrity?
two drawings and an MCR pic!
These are some drawings I did over the past days. The first being my rendition of House of Wolves (not very good, but oh well, you know what I was going for), the second is the cover of Green Day's new album. I liked it a lot, and it took me awhile but it was worth it. Everything in black was colored in with a fine tipped black permanent marker, so that's what took up the most time. the last pic is what was in my Rolling Stone magazine from the article I typed yesterday. :D
Help finding an MCR clip on LOTMS!!!
My friend was asking me if there's a clip of Frank knocking over bob's drum set, and I told her that I know they show it on LOTMS, and I'm watching it right now but I can't find it!!! Does anybody by chance know what chapter it is? I've looked at Frank and Bob and it's not in either of them. The quicker the help the better. Thanks!!! :D