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I'm bored...wonder how the projects are going...

I remember like maybe a month ago some people started projects like grouping pics of fans together, making a big book of letters to the band members, and like a grouping of MCR signs, stuff like that...I think MyChemicalFreak was one of those people....well i'm just wondering how they're going, cuz I know I contributed to each of those projects, and I haven't heard anything about them...just curious...Anyone remember what I'm talking about?

random. Christmas review

Haven't been on here for awhile and felt like writing a christmas blog. I had a fun christmas, mainly cuz everyone came over to our house for once. Do you ever have the one relative you're excited to have come over? Well for me that's my uncle, because he's really funny, and fun to be around. Well one thing I really like, is that he's the only one in my family who isn't afraid to admit that MCR is a good band, plus he likes a lot of other music I like. He's more into modern music. But he does tease me about them a lot, his favorite thing to call them is Michael's Romance.

yays!!! New Shirt!

Went to the mall today for christmas shopping (I was wearing my Ridin' Out MCR t-shirt)

Found this ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>

bought it, and are now wearing it :D

I'm so happy!!! Also cuz christmas break is almost here!!!

random...and teacher rant...(just venting)

hmm...surprisingly I haven't been on here as much as I usually am...probably due to lots of stupid frickin' school. You will not BELIEVE the stupid teacher we have. A girl cried in front of her today and she didn't even care. This is a math teacher that just came last year. The chapter is so hard, and not a single person in the class understands it. Plus she teaches it so fast it's almost impossible to understand. But is she willing to stop and help? no. She says "this is an accelerated class, and if I slow down it won't be accelerated" who freaking cares?

Messed up emo dream?

I woke up from a dream this morning where they were trying to get this kid to be un-emo, and they were showing him pictures of famous people as examples, and the last one which was supposed to be the biggest emo of all.....was David Gilmour (singer of Pink Floyd) I woke up and I was like Really? If that's not messed up then I don't what is...

(if you know pink floyd then you definitely DEFINITELY, know that that is NOT emo! lol)

Did ya guys hear?

They're coming out with a Green Day Rockband next year!!! AHHHHHH!!! Can't wait!!! Still wish they'd make a MCR guitar hero....but there were a lot of haters against that....anyways can't wait!!!

~sorry I post a lot about Green Day, but they are my other favorite band....


I just discovered that Green day has a video for Know the Enemy. It's pretty Sweet

Ugh! I never thought Rolling Stone's would be so insulting!

Well from my last blog, i just thought there was one little rude remark. But now I read more, and here's what the intro said to "Great Moments in Emo History"

It was the best decade ever for three-letter acronyms: OMG, LOL, WTF, and, of course, EMO, which apparently began as chat-room code for "everybody mope openly". Or maybe not. But no one was sure what emo was, especially after its leap from Dashboard Confessional's cult-y sing-alongs to Fall Out Boy's sleek pop-rock hits.

MCR in Rolling Stone

Ok, I just the latest Rolling Stone's issue, and it's about the music of the decade. and one section is titled: "Great Moments in Emo History" and one of the little captions next to a Gerard pic says "My Chemical Romance headline Warped Tour. "I'm Not Okay" becomes every Paxil-popping kid's anthem." Ha! but I just saw this "My Chem's Gerard Way, turns against his genre, calling emo "a pile of shit."

anyways the first comment sounding rather insulting even though it was saying how I'm Not Okay became a hit.

oh well..


(not to offend anybody or anything) but does anybody know...Did Billie Joe Armstrong go through a rather bad stage like Gee? Like with drugs and being drunk onstage? Just wondering cuz I was looking through some green day pics and they were awesome, but then I came across a couple where he was exposing himself, both sides, no censors.....some where he was only wearing a shirt and a thong, no pants....just wondering, cuz I know he doesn't do that stuff now, and I love him! know...just curious...