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haha :D

Just got a new TV, wanted to put in a DVD to test it out. We chose Finding Nemo. Later my dad was like "go get the movie" me-"which one?" him-"um...searching for elmo...?" he couldn't remember what was called. lol my daddy's goofy :D

Funny lyrics

Bowling for soup has such funny lyrics to their songs. They're a band that's definitely there to make you smile :D

Here's the chorus to their song: A Friendly Good-bye

So here's a friendly good-bye, 5,6,7!
Ain't that a b-with an itch?
Ain't that a mother-trucker?
You can go to h-e-double hockey sticks and f-yourself
Cuz I'm so gosh darn sick of all the s-words you put me through
so F-you!!!

lol I love this song!

Helena playing in Green Day Interview?

well, this is a fan video I found, that is absolutely hilarious! But from 5:39-6:58, Helena is playing in the background, and around 6:17 you can see the video playing on a tv in the background.

One of my fav parts of this video, is when a girl is interviewing Billie and says "you have a tremendous voice for such a petite little man." Billie laughs and says "I like to keep my girlish figure" hilarious! :D

I love this song! :D

This is a Bowling For Soup song of their new album Sorry for Partyin'. I love it! It's called No Hablo Ingles. Basically its them trying to get out of stuff by saying No Hablo Ingles. My favorite line is "My nephew asked me if I'd take him to the Jonas Brothers' hablo ingles" lol

Enjoy!!! :D

Check these out!

Well there's this group called Vitamin String Quartet that perform great songs but with violins (and possibly cellos). Well they have a whole album for MCR songs so I figured I'd post them cuz I love em' so much. :D

not all of these are from the album. I'm Not Okay Helena Vampires Will Never Hurt You Hang em' High

My Chemical Romance = My first real band <3

Well, over the past couple months I've come to a realization. MCR is basically my FIRST band by this, I mean they had a lot of firsts for me.

First band:

-I've obsessed over
-who's songs I've learned them all, and almost all of the lyrics
-who I've researched like crazy
-I found deep meanings in their songs
-I ever truly loved and tried my best to show
-I wanted to see every single picture of and keep (lol)
-I've discovered that include some of the most important people in the world :)
-and lots more!

This is why we love you MCR <3


I just learned Boulevard of Broken Dreams on the piano (by ear, no notes) and it sounds pretty good to me. Some parts are obviously the wrong tune, but it still sounds good. I did know how to play Teenagers, but I haven't played it in so long I forgot how! :(

but I'm gonna try to figure out as many songs as I can. I learned the beginning verses of 21st century breakdown. :D

wow! I can't believe how much I've changed...

I used to only like classic rock, you know like all the bands from like before the 80's (cuz that's what my dad listened to and I always followed what he did lol) and now I like a bunch of modern music I never thought I'd get into. Also, I used to hate live performances from any band, like I would just refuse to watch it or listen to it. But now I kill to watch live performances, because you really get to feel the true sound, and the true fun that comes with performing live. I don't why I never liked it, but now I'm glad I've changed. I think it might of been from this one CD.

aw man!

Well i know that my friend is bought me TBP is Dead for Christmas, (but it's taking forever to get to me in the mail!) and I keep waiting and waiting and waiting and it just won't come.

But then! I got so excited cuz it finally came!!

Until I woke up and realized I had only gotten it in a dream...this frickin' sucks! It's been well over a month of waiting. And I can't really ask my friend to check up on it or anything cuz I'm not really supposed to know I'm getting it.....


Random Random Random

Just figured I'd write a pointless blog cuz I felt like blogging lol.

Well if I haven't mentioned it before, I'd like to mention it now. I F**king LOVE Youtube! It is one of the top things in the world that makes me unbelievably happy! I can just sit there and watch video after video, and just laugh my freaking head off at everyone of them! And also I love MOST of the people on Youtube, (I say most cuz there's some on there that just like to start fights for no reason), the reason I love these people is cuz some are super nice, and some make or obtain fantastical (lol) videos!