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~Kiss the demons out of my dreams~

Bored at the moment....just sitting here listening to Green Day (whom are fantastic! lol) incredibly bored......... :D

Repost. Drawing video

Just felt like posting this again, cuz the first time I did was a long time ago, and there's lots of new people on here. Hope you like my drawings!
I save the best for last.

Please tell me what you think

DISCLAIMER!!: All the pictures in the video are one's I drew free-hand, BUT I did not come up with the original pictures. The one's that I got off Deviantart and redrew, I mention in little boxes in the video who the original artist is. The other ones are from real photos off the internet. The one you see before you push play IS an original of mine in my "mini-person" style

I'M EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!! (for pointless reasons...oh well :) )

ok, well my school does this celebration called snow week, where you pick like snow king and queen. Well there's dress up days for the week and the last day is color wars. Each grade is assigned a color, and you have the option of buying a "grade-customized" shirt. So every grade's shirt is different. Well my 10th grade color was yellow. And the people we ordered are shirts from put some really random picture on it of a guy coming out of an ice cube, holding a sword in one hand, and holding up the "peace" sign in the other, and he was wearing a helmet and ski-goggles.

haha a dog with a british accent?

Well, my dog was making whiny noises, so I imitated him in a whiny voice. My brother was like why do you give him such an annoying voice. I think he'd have a british accent. haha!

sorry, I thought I had a pic of my dog saved on the computer but I don't :( sorry

but he's a tiny little black schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle) by using google I was able to find an almost exact look-a-like pic! :D

what do you think of downloading?

I'm just curious to know where people stand on downloading music. Do you think it's ok? Do you do it?

I'm not going to say my opinion cuz I don't want it to affect any comments.

don't you just love random questions?! :D

comment if you're a procrastinator :D

i have a stupid speech i need to work on, but it's too cheesy sounding right now....i don't want to work on it, so i'm using the internet as my distraction and music videos. But I'll get it done.............................................eventually. lol :D


I just got off the phone with my dad and he told me that someone at his work said today's holiday was

Dead Nigger's Day!

That's freaking horrible!! You know how disrespectful and offensive that would be to people!

Today is Martin Luther King day, everything he did was from the goodness of heart and to help those around him. Shouldn't he get some respect even if he has passed away?

Disney channel stars?

Does anyone else find it weird to see kids on disney channel on like adult tv shows and stuff nowadays? You're so used to how they are on DC that you get weirded out by their new characters....(I know I'm lame for watching Disney Channel....but I haven't watched in almost a year!)'s probably just me considering no one else on here probably watches it since it's pretty lame...oh well

hehehehehehhe :D love this pic!

love it! Frankie's so goofy! :D

Gerard and Lyn-Z :D

Does anyone else get a smile on their face when they see pics of Gee and Lyn-Z? Cuz I definitely do. They're so sweet together. It seems like no one would be more perfect for Gee, or more perfect for Lyn-Z. They seem like soul-mates lol. Idk, I just think they're perfect for each other!

Does this make anyone else happy? Knowing Gee's with her and not some other girl? Like that Gee's with someone who's definitely good for him, and she's with someone definitely good for her?

I can't really seem to explain what I mean, but I'm sure you get the gist of it :D