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writing in random places?

Are you ever entertained by little comments scribbled everywhere? Like maybe you're at school and someone wrote something funny on the desk, or you're in a bathroom stall and there's writing on the walls? Writing is everywhere! There's one classroom in my school filled with computers for like buisness class, and on each mousepad, I guarantee there's something written on it. At my assigned spot, someone wrote "Oh my goodness, I has sharpie" it sounds stupid but it was funny. The one next to me said STuD. I've seen 3 dealing with homosexuality.

Wow, some people on Youtube can be real jerks...

It seems like 24/7 people on Youtube are just out to start fights. I commented on the 30 Seconds to Mars music video "From Yesterday" and this is what i said:

"wow, all their music videos are like little movies. It's cool :D"

and what do I get in response? "Douche"

WTF? What did I do? Why would that person have any reason to call me a douche. Well, i commented back and asked why they called me that, so we'll just see what their fantastic answer is....ugh....i hate fighting....especially when i do nothing to lead to it. :(


I love the line from bon jovi - "Like Tommy and Gina, we're livin' on a prayer" - "Did you just say that?!" lmao hilarious!

call me slow...but

I just found out that the picture Ray uses as his profile pic on here, and on his guitar strap, is from the movie psycho. I did not know this. Here's the pic i saw --------------->

hmm..learn something new everyday :D

Drawing!!! please comment! :D

Billie Joe Armstrong :D
<3 Green Day

tell me what you think! :)

Music question

Have you ever discovered your favorite song in the whole world? Cuz if you do, then I'm sure it's a song that just makes you get that certain feeling that fills you with incredible adrenaline/happiness. It's such an incredible feeling. The way I describe how much I like my favorite song is that everytime I hear it I fall in love with it all over again. :D

What's your favorite song in the whole world? (If you've been able to choose one out of all the amazing ones in the world lol) :D

site change idea

Ok I know that this would probably be a little complex to figure out and set up, but if successful, it would be really helpful.

Obviously on this site we all like to write blogs and lots of them. So you end up with (like me) over 20 pages of blogs. But have you ever wanted to go back and look at something you wrote? I have many times. So it would be so convenient if they could change the site where your blogs are shown just as a list of titles so you can click on them and go right to them. frustration. What's your hardest feature to draw?

Being an artist, of course I love drawing, but sometimes it's not so fun when you try and try to draw a feature and it just won't turn out right. My hardest feature is probably the nose, sometimes mouths, but only if teeth are showing.

I'm trying to draw a pic of Billie Joe Armstrong where his head is tilted to (looking at it, tilted to the right. Through his eyes tilted left) and light is shining from either his right, or maybe partly from the front-right. Anyways it's very hard to get the shading down and it's frustrating me so, but I have a feeling the rest will turn out well.

For you

I LOVE this song! <3 <3

Today's the Macy's Day Parade
The night of the living dead is on its way
With a credit report for duty call
It's a lifetime guarantee
Stuffed in a coffin 10% more free
Red light special at the mausoleum

Give me something that i need
Satisfaction guaranteed to you
What's the consolation prize?
Economy sized dreams of hope

When I was a kid I thought
I wanted all the things that I haven't got
Oh but I learned the hardest way
Then I realized what it took
To tell the difference between thieves and crooks
A lesson learned to me and you

Give me something that i need
Satisfaction guaranteed
Cuz i'm