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To those that hate the Daily Mail....this should make you feel much better :D


Yay!!! The Black Parade is Dead!!

I just got it today from my bestest friend! It was a christmas present, that took too long to get in the mail to her house, so she didn't get it til just last weekend. I cannot wait to watch it! But I have to wait til i get the TV to myself...grr...anyways, still excited to watch it. I was looking through the booklet while waiting to be picked up after school today, and i kept turning it back to the picture of Gee doing the splits in the air cuz it's just unbelievable how high he can jump! This band makes me laugh and smile and I just can't stop lovin' em! :D

Anyone else know that Green Day used to be under the name Foxboro Hot Tubs?

Haha, yea, i just found this out. It said (Wikipedia) that it was like a side project of theirs. But they made a whole album under that name. It's still Billie, Tre, and Mike, but they have another guitarist named Kevin Preston. This is their hit song called Stop Drop and Roll.

Warning: Dancing girls in underwear towards end lol

Does anybody's else's pets ever seem to get depressed?

My dog every so often tends to get in a depression-like state. At times where the whole family is down stairs, relaxing, watching tv by a cozy fire, he runs upstairs and lays down in a cold, lonely, dark, room or corner and just isolates himself. Yet his nose is wet and he shows no sign of sickness. (dry nose sometimes means sickness for those who don't know.)

I feel so bad for him. Sometimes I'll go get him and bring him downstairs again to comfort him. And if someone's petting him and giving him attention, he'll stay. But as soon as someone stops petting him, he runs back upstairs.

Anyone else a Pink Floyd fan?

Well, I'm not a gigantic Pink Floyd fan, but I think their music is really good, and somewhat relaxing :)

My dad is a HUGE Pink Floyd band, so if he's listening to a song of their's, you can't get past him with out him stopping you to listen to a kickass guitar solo from David Gilmour haha. I have to say, David has quite a unique voice and they have a neat sound.

The Krusty Krab Pizza...

is the pizza for you and meeeee!!!! hahahahaha sorry, I was watching the pizza episode of Spongebob the other day and this is stuck in my head. It's my favorite episode.


You know what i hate?!!!!

BRACES!!!! They're a frickin' pain in the ass!!! I feel like I have a hole ripped in my cheek from being poked in the same place over and over and over again. I can't even chew it hurts so bad! Plus my teeth are sore cuz i just got an adjustment. You'd think that having them on for a year and 8 months (soon to be 10 then finally off!!!! ) would be enough! But no! ugh.........they have been my burden for the last two years....>:(

i know this has been brought up a lot, but I want to see how honest you are

Comment if you are one who posted a reply to the poster contest only ONCE!

This will show who actually reads directions and plays fairly! :D

Stuck (Help?)

Well, my friends birthday is in two days, and she wants to plan a party for this saturday, but her mom already called me and a bunch of others to throw her a surprise Sweet 16 party on Friday. The only problem, she's asking me what she should do for her party! Should I just suggest a "fake" idea? Cuz I don't want to help her decide something really fun that she wants to do and then end up having the surprise with some whole different plan that she doesn't like....

ugh...I don't know what to do.

Sweet! (most probably already know)

ha! I just saw that on the home page, they added to the rules of the contest they said:


yayz! At least they'll read them! :D

anyone else happy about this? I was sick of people doing reposts. I just checked the latest page of comments, and the same posted 5 TIMES! All on one page!