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Slap me in the face and call me stupid!

Most probably already know this, but I JUST saw now, that in the I'm Not Okay music video, at 2 mins and 45 seconds, you see Mikey's bass, and the bloody half face on their album art is on it!

OMG!!! Is that Justin Beiber?! (confession)

lol No the boy you see is NOT Justin Beiber. This kid's name is Declan Galbraith and he's one of my favorite singers. The reason this is a confession is because i've always hid it from people. I know that a LOT of people hate kid singers. And hey I'm one of them, but i guess i just don't like the ones in the U.S. (haha even though i live in the U.S.). Declan is a British speaking kid from England with Scottish and Irish descent. So he's cool lol. I guess i feel that the kid singers here in the U.S. kinda just want to be famous and that's it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

38 today!!!!! Happy birthday BJA!!!!!!!!!

I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

They're playing on the same violin!!!!!!!!!!!! (plus i love this song)

they are playing on one violin and it's amazing! Journey's-Don't Stop Believing. Love this song <3

The first glimpse of MCR i ever had

The first song i ever heard by MCR was WTTBP which was cuz that was the only song my friend had. Well I had mistaken this for the official music video for the song. So this was the first performance/video of MCR i had ever seen and i thought it was good without even knowing it was live. But this was the one video that started it all for me. Began the whole story of how i got into MCR. :)

MCR is NOT a "suicide cult band"

This is a paper I wrote for my English class about why MCR is not a suicide cult band. Tell me what you think.

“Suicide Cult Band”
Everyone in the world has a favorite band, and it’s legitimate to say that you probably get a small bit upset when they’re criticized, but you just brush it off. But when that band is labeled as a “suicide cult band,” that’s going a bit too far. Especially when the band you’re talking about has dedicated their lives to keeping people alive.

READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please?)

Well 3 things.

1. MCR RELATED: The town I moved to has apparently always had a rivalry with my hometown in which i still go to school at. Well lately on their community site, they've been saying very hurtful things about my hometown's citizens and our school's sports teams. It started a huge issue at my school. And my English teacher caught wind of this feud going on that he changed our assignment to a different assignment. Instead of an analytical paper on a novel we're reading, we get to "write a letter to the editor" just about any random thing we're passionate about.

Aside from everyone on here....(people with Deviant Art accounts)

While i love everyone on here, I also love everyone on cuz they are all AMAZING!!! They're nice, fun to chat with, have some amazing drawings that i am in awe of and just feel like another family that has nothing but nice things to say!

Now i realize it's not much different from this site, where everyone shares the common interest of MCR
DA just shares the common interest of Art and I couldn't love it more! :)

So everyone on here with a Deviantart, I love you twice! Lol

Scarred anyone?

Has anyone else here seen the show Scarred? My brother made me watch it yesterday, and it's pretty interesting yet hard to watch. It's basically any major injury that's left a scar. So the main things they show are people doing tricks on skateboards with no pads or helmets which is why they get so badly injured. But it's all real stuff that was caught on camera.

ugh....last valentine's day I was crushed.....

I sent an anonymous rose to the boy i liked, and at least 3 different people who i hadn't told i was giving a rose came up and told me "he found out you sent him the rose" I was like WTF?! How did he find out? and you know what? He didn't even respond, not even to tell me "hey, I know you like me but i don't feel the same about you" something like that! But no he's never said a word about it to me and then just went on to date a stupid prep and weird druggy/crazy person (believe me, you would think she's crazy too....)

And this is why i don't want to send my current crush a rose....cuz if he