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Random thought of the day....

well, earlier today I was listening to music while taking a shower, and Kill All Your Friends came on. I've discovered my favorite line from the song today.

That line is: "If this is a coronation, I ain't feeling the love"

This line strikes me as funny and makes me smile :)

do you have a favorite line in this song?

Me Has Tummy Ache


This sucks


I downloaded the episode of King of the Hill that had Green Day in it voicing for certain characters!!!

like the two boys in the background of the picture :)

You Know What Would Be Awesome?!

If singing made you lose weight...I would be paper-thin!! (not that that's healthy..but)

It's just lately I've been getting out of breath just running up the stairs...

So yea...I wish singing made you lose weight!

I want to know why you were disappointed. I know a lot of people have called Green Day sellouts, and a lot of said they were disappointed by the Black Parade.


I think all the songs are great and easy to sing along with and very harmonious (like compared to Bullets).

Many have said it was because these albums were to opera-theatrical-ish. Is that the only reason? Was there meanings behind songs that you didn't like?

For me if a song doesn't have a meaning I can relate to or anything, I just enjoy the singing and the beat and all that.

may sound lame, but to me it's important!

Well, one of my hobbies is making powerpoints of awesome people! lol and they're normally over 100 slides, sometimes over 200. I made one of Gee and Frank that ended up being over 800 slides!

Well I was in the process of making one of Billie Joe Armstrong, and I got pretty far, and like 5 or 6 slides were made up of a bunch of little icons (at least a 100), we'll my mom has this stupid program on the computer that lets you restart it and it gets rid of any viruses that were messing up your computer. The only erases whatever you don't save to a flashdrive/hard drive.


my addictions:

Dr. Pepper, orange tic tacs, and hot pockets...

What are yours?

Ok, who here likes Steve Perry's voice? (singer of Journey)

CUZ I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!

Little bits of MCR :)

Well, I realized there's always that one part in an MCR song that I can't wait for, that excites me the most and just is awesome.

So here's my list. All that I can think of...

1. Famous Last Words-(ok this song is just completely amazing in itself and it's filled with so much passion and the video is incredible!) -"Asleep or DEAD!!!!" when Gee starts singing this over and over in the background. just the 'or dead' part that goes through the rest of the song. It's something about the note he hits, and the intensity of his singing.
2. I'm Not Okay- (Live)-"I'm Fine! (video)-"Trust me."

note*: I'm not a *fangirl* this is just PART of what makes MCR awesome.