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ah the wonders of music... :)

One of the best feelings in the world is when you stop listening to music that you love and then come back to it and just have a whole new love for it. Like you're starting all over again. It's just a wonderful feeling :)

MCR QUESTION!!! please answer!

Well, I've heard many times that Bert McCracken is featured in the song You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison. Now after hearing this, I figured the only part that really sounds like him is the giggle at the end. Is that him? Or is that Gee?

And if that part isn't him, the only other thing I can think of is the screaming in the background, but I thought that was Frank!

I'm extremely confused!

So if anyone could clear this up for me, I thank you. :)

Well, like the title says, there's a mini-story behind how It's not a fashion statement, it's a deathwish is my favorite song, and I just thought it would be fun to share.

Back when I was first getting into MCR, I was listening to all their songs, getting them in my head, trying to get a likeness for each song. Well, while listening to them, a song came on and I still hadn't matched them all with the titles yet, so I didn't even know what song it was. But before i new it, I started singing some of the verses and i was nailing every word and I didn't even know how. I barely knew the song!

My blogs must be going downhill....

usually my blogs get a least a couple comments which I enjoy reading, but lately i've only been barely getting one. Some just one word comments. But...well...thanks for those few that did post.

Sadness.... :(

hmm...If I could ask Gerard any question...

I don't know if he still does, but when he did, I wonder how he decided what word he was gonna write on himself for the day. Like when he wrote "Creep" on his neck, gazelles on his arms (lol he would be an awesome gazelle). Stuff like that. I remember one phrase was written on his neck which matched with something Lyn-Z had written on herself, but I'm just curious to know how he chose what word to write...

Any guesses?

and what question would you ask him?

Favorite movie line

I've heard it in two movies.

-"Take it easy"
-"Thanks....The Eagles"

the first time I heard that I thought it was hilarious cuz I had never thought of that lol.

(The Eagles have a song called "Take It Easy")

heehee. Fun times. It's in The Rocker (GREAT MOVIE) and we just watched it again.


I really don't think Bob "left". Like just plain out walked away. My friend had bought a magazine with MCR as the main article and it had mentioned severe medical problems Bob had. Like the burns from the Famous Last Words video had given him blood poisoning and he snapped a certain tendon somewhere else i think. The point is, I kinda think Bob left...cuz he had to. I'm not sure he can still play drums. (Don't yell at me, this is just an assumption) Plus we all know how much Frank looked up to Bob. They were like the best of friends.

Youtuber: Andrew Bravener

Anybody else here watch Andrew Bravener on Youtube? I think he's funny :)

MCR song in Green Day song!

just discovered this, in the Green Day song: Deadbeat Holiday, there's one lyric that says "Vacation hotspots is a CEMETERY DRIVE" haha. Just noticed this. I didn't know Cemetery Drive was a common used phrase lol

The medic droid and hair...

First off, just a question: Has anyone hear ever heard of or listen to any songs from the band The Medic Droid? If so what do you think? I think they're not bad, I love the song Fer Sure haha :) it always cracks me up.

Secondly I am so close to cutting off all my hair! It pisses me off! I can't do anything with it, it's a giant frizz-ball. No matter how often I brush it thoroughly, it STILL gets extremely knotted up. I want straight hair and hate my natural curls! It just makes everything more difficult! The main problem is that it's too thick.