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Just wanted to thank all you guys for the birthday wishes!! It means a lot to me :)

It's My Birthday Today!!!

That's right! I turn 17 today and it feels awesome! I get a Subway for supper which I'm super excited about (it's my favorite restaurant). And my parents got me a camera which is what I wanted most for the Honda Civic Tour concert I'm going to in September! I also got some nice clothes for school and some sort of expensive art markers that I really wanted! All that would make it better would be this Boondock Saints shirt that I want but my parents already spent a lot on me and I don't want to push for anymore.

But anyways! I'm super happy! :D

Scrubs made me cry today. :(

I was watching Scrubs today because it's a funny show and it makes me laugh. But this episode went from funny to sad. JD had run into this girl nicknamed "Annoying Jill" and had been avoiding her, when suddenly she ended up in the hospital for a supposed Cocaine overdose. So they used her body as an organ donor because 3 other patients we're dying of organ failure. So Dr. Cox immediately had her organs put into these 3 patients. But it turned out she hadn't died of a cocaine overdose, but a rabies infection.

(Stolen) Favorite Songs by bands A-Z

A= Angels & Airwaves [Secret Crowds]
B= Bowling For Soup [Last Call Casulty/Love Sick Stomach Ache/and a bunch more cuz they're a fantastic band!]]
C= Cheap Trick [If You Want My Love]
D= Driftless Pony Club [House of 1982 Built Like A Ship/Legends of Archery/Pluto Vs. Neptune]
E= Eagles [In The City]
F= Fun [The Gambler/Be Calm]
G= Green Day [Ha Ha Your Dead/Scattered/Poprocks & Coke]
H= Hedley [Never Too Late/Don't Talk to Strangers]
I= Iron Maiden [Run To the Hills]
J= Journey [Don't Stop Believing/Who's Crying Now/Separate Ways]
K= Killers [Spaceman/Bling (confessions of a King)/This

The 2nd time a song ever made me cry a few tears.

First was Cancer, but that made me tear up in a sad way.

This other song is called David's Song. It was originally sung by a family group of singers called the Kelly Family. I'm not 100% sure what exactly it's about, but I THINK they had a child that passed away named David and they wrote this song for him. I'm not linking the singer who's cover I have because I know people won't like him, since he was a teenager when he sang it and I don't want any "he sounds like a girl" comments. But here are the lyrics. They're just so beautiful.

"Who'll come with me?
Don't be afraid, I know the way

What are your feelings from your first My Chem show?

I was just reliving old memories from my First My Chem show with videos on Youtube and I was just overwhelmed with all this happiness. When I was at the concert, it was more all about the shock of actually going to see them, and then the adrenaline rush during the concert of being surrounded by a hundred singing fans.

Then, I watch these videos from it, and I just get this huge smile on my face, I get all giggly and I just can't stop smiling.

So, I'm going to be going to the Honda Civic Tour in September for the Minnesota showing, and I don't know that much about Blink 182. I recently got their Greatest Hits CD so I could learn some new stuff. Anyways, my question is, did they play "Always" at all during the tour? Or "I Miss You"? Those are two of my favorites that I'm hoping they play. Also, did they play any new stuff, because I know they're coming out with a new album this September so...just curious. :)

Am I the only one who thinks Gerard and Lyn-Z are fucking adorable together?!!

Seriously, I have never seen two people who seem more perfect for each other than these two. I am not lying. I got these two pictures on a webpage about Gerard's quotes, and both times I saw these, I just let out a big. "Awwwww". Any picture, or quotes from them just shows how adorable they are together. I look at them, and I could never ever picture them fighting. I think they are the perfect image of a perfect family. I hope to have a family just like that someday. :)


yuck neither. DR.PEPPER!!! <3

Hard to pick. Blades of Glory is one of my absolute favorites.

Of course I do! I bought both of them. I'm an aspiring artist and Gerard's my hero, why wouldn't I read them?

of all time? oh, I can't pick. so I'll go with favorite MCR song. It's not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish (my username)

Ew no. They taste like pure sugar. Especially Monster

Nope. The smell of it disgusts me


Something that bothers me.

This is totally random, but it's midnight, the homepage is barely changing and I'm bored. And something came up that bothered me.

One thing that I really don't care for is make-up. What's even worse, is when a girl says "I know I look terrible, but it's because I'm not wearing any make-up." Why can't girls get it through their head that YOU DON'T NEED MAKE UP TO LOOK PRETTY. Being yourself provides the true beauty. Besides, make up really doesn't change how you look. It just adds some color to your face, that's it. so whether you have it on or not, you still look the SAME.