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please if you want wrong lyrics refer to my lyrics to planetary(GO!!) blog
if you dont like wrong lyrics dont refer to tht blog anymore

the lyrics to planetary(GO!!)

Don’t wanna stand up outside your window
But you just never know
The current stormed passed by third floor
But you just never know

If my velocity starts to make you sweat
Then just don’t let go
And if the heaven ain’t got a vacancy
Then we just, then we just, then we just
Then we just get up and go!

Ladies and gentlemen truth is now accepted
The faith has now rejected the crash
This car is getting away
He’s got no men on the whack
He’s got the shot out the back
He’s gotta stand down
Oh, let’s go, go!

I will be rooting for you
Oh, let’s go now!
Because we dance down
This planet’s all gonna

im so confused

i just looked at mcr's tour section and i didnt know mcr did shows at the beginning of 2010

oh yeah and did anyone go to their roxy shows, and if so how was it and if you can, can you give me the lyrics to the drugs?

HI :)

hi people, i just wanted to say whats up(man its been so long since i posted blogs)

the black parade

didnt they give to much away with the black parade too?

no subject just read

also to carry on what i said about my last blog, my chemical romance are also going around(this has nothing to do with na na na or the only hope for me is you)but they are also goin around playing the songs live before the record is out(to many songs already, not to mention theyre inviting people to listen to the album like 3 days before its out

read this(tell me what you think)

in my opinion mcr are giving away to much, for the new album

what i mean is, like giving away what planetary(GO!!) as a demo(even though it was like 15 seconds long and as for save yourself, ill hold them back theyre letting people download it and not even putting it as a single

dont get me wrong these new songs are really amazing(and im a guy and i usually dont get into music this much(my chemical romance are just tht awesome)

but still i think theyre giving away way to much


happy halloween everybody, aka: eiroween, its franks bday thts so cool

does anyone know what time my chemical romance is opening up for the 49ers and the denver broncos(and if so is it going to be broadcast)