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Kill the girl, get the maid
and burn this whole damn room
into the ass it's that plain
Is it hard? To get clean?

Well if you all start believing,
Then what else do you believe in?

In the will, or as a team
We're the Suicide Cult
And if you'd all follow me
Is it hard? To stop me?
We're gonna supersize this thing now
Bam bam
And he's keeping her stuff

And if you all start believing,
Then what else do you believe in?

Well that's living large
What did you sleep in?
Now she's sleeping and I'm laughing about it
Grab a seat and watch each other kill one another
Doesn't matter if you're worse or

random message

i wont be posting another top 20 til summer

my new top 20(and my first top 20 for 2011)

here you go :)
1. bulletproof heart
2. mastas of ravenkroft
3. teenagers
4. desert song
5. dead!
6. i'm not okay(i promise)
7. helena
8. interlude
9. bury me in black
10. the jetset life is gonna kill you
11. party poison
12. Na Na Na(Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
13. F.T.W.W.W.
14. kill all your friends
15. you know what they do to guys like us in prison
16. jetstar and the kobra kid/traffic report
17. cubicles
18. black dragon fighting society
19. the world is ugly
20. give 'em hell, kid
send me either your top 5,10 or 20 if you can, thank you and happy new year or happy first day of 2011

new top 20

new top 20 mcr songs coming tomorrow

im sad :'-(

well...... christmas break is about to end(fuckin sucks) so im officially sad over it

new top 20

merry christmas to you all :)

1. welcome to the black parade
2. F.T.W.W.W.
3. the ghost of you
4. jetstar and the kobra kid/traffic report
5. Planetary(GO!)
6. na na na(na na na na na na na na na)
7. i'm not okay(i promise)
8. S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W
9. look alive, sunshine
11. under pressure
12. vampires will never hurt you
13. cemetary drive
14. party poison
15. the end
16. summertime
17. black dragon fighting society
18. i don't love you
19. kill all your friend
20. the jetset life is gonna kill you


i hope you guys and girls are ready for my new top 20 tomorrow(and merry christmas eve everybody) :)

is there anyway i can hear mcr's scrapped album

is there anyway i can listen to the scrapped album

oh yeah i heard tht the songs off of mad gear and the missile kid were off the scrapped album

please answer for me

what is this scrapped album everyone keeps talking about?


go to this link here and vote for na na na and mcr will win