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It's been so long since I have been on here, I am surprised to see people still post on this site, that's cool though

time to go :'(

i'm not trying to sound like a bitch, but it is time for me to move on
my chemical romance has split

so if someone could tell me how i can deactivate my account


what is your fav moment of mcr

why am i so stupid

does anyone find me stupid that i have a korn album cover as my account picture?

true or false

true or false?
cuz i'm hearing rumors tht mcr are choosing to return to their old roots


what is your fav song off of wretched and divine

please comment

so does anyone have any idea when mcr's new album will come out, i'm actually still waiting on 3 other bands to release there albums too
(korn, avenged sevenfold, & shinedown)


what is your fav song by each of the following bands

my chemical romance
avenged sevenfold
black veil brides
system of a down
serj tankian
linkin park

here are mine
mcr: ambulance
a7x: blinded in chains
korn: love and luxury
bvb: in the end
SOAD: chop suey
serj: sky is over
LP: don't stay


what is your fav song from CW, (i want you to name your fav from each set)

new album

who's ready for the next masterpiece by my chemical romance, which i heard is set to be released in the winter later this year
(let's just hope they don't sccrap it like with CW, because in my opinion it's better than ddays)