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i miss you

this song describes how im feeling right now after my break up with the person i cares about more than life its self i just want her back so much and if she took me back id be a better boyfriend i love you so much Jade


Love is sometimes hard to understand,
But sometimes it is easy,
Even when you fall for someone
They might not catch you,
But if they do you have a chance
No matter how small,
If a guy treats a girl without respect
Then hes a child not a man
He is the problem not her,
But if a girl treats a man without respect
She is also a child,
And a childish relationship
Isn't a relationship at all
Because its over before it began,
Some people think they're in love
When they follow their heart,
But you don't just follow your heart
You listen to what your brain is telling you
And sometimes you might find